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by Klaus in People

The Norseman on Seegrube Mountain

Snowboarding and Innsbruck go together like salt and pepper. As you’d expect for a place that is considered ‘the Birthplace of snowboarding in Europe’, their “Skyline Park” is pretty awesome. Terrain park shaper Bjarni Thor Valdimarsson, an Iceland native now living in Tirol, gives us an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

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by Gero Günther in People

Life at the end of the valley

Tirol is home to more than a dozen remote end-of-valley communities. These small villages hidden away deep in the mountains have retained their original character. What is life like there? We met seven people who live at the end of a valley road (and none of them wanted to swap for a life in the…

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by Christina in Food & Drink

How to Make Tirolean Kiachl – the Austrian Croissant

As a little girl it felt like my father could do anything. One of his magic tricks was cooking a specific dish synonymous with Tirol: Kiachl. I still remember the smell and sound in our home when he made them. Kiachln are doughy discs traditionally served with Sauerkraut, though these days you will also find…

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Selection of our most interesting stories about huts, traditional recipes and the people who make Tirol what it is.

by Wolfgang Westermeier in Feel Good

5 Ways to Find Your Inner Balance

In turbulent times such as these it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important in life – for example, looking after yourself. We have picked five spots in Tirol where you can get away from it all and embark on a journey to inner harmony. After all, your deserve it.

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by Marion in Recommendations

10 Places in Tirol you simply have to visit in 2021

Have you ever slept at the top of a mountain? Or experienced the crystal-clear waters of a true Alpine lake? If not, then 2021 is the year to do it. We’ve put together a list of the top places to visit in Tirol in 2021, whether you’re an experienced mountaineer or just looking for some…

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by Benjamin in Arts & Culture

Manu Delago’s Way to the Top

Innsbruck-born composer and pioneer of the Hang, Manu Delago comes in with his new project: Following the journey of seven musicians on a dramatic mountain climb, “Parasol Peak” is a unique and awe-inspiring movie and accompanying album.

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

5 Natural Winter Wonders in Tirol

Winter transforms Tirol’s landscape. Craggy mountains are wrapped in a thick layer of snow. Temperatures plunge in the region’s ravines and canyons. Mighty waterfalls turn into skyscrapers of ice. Here are five natural wonders which take on a totally different atmosphere in the winter months.

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by Esther in Arts & Culture

Hand-Carved Nativity Scenes – A Centuries Old Tradition in Tirol

Alongside biscuits and mulled wine, no Christmas in Tirol would be complete without a nativity scene. Almost all families have one. It is normally taken out of the cupboard shortly before 24 December, when Austrians celebrate Christmas, and set up in the living room for everyone to admire. The typical scene familiar to everyone from…

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