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by Michael in Sports

Five Climbing Routes for Total Rock Jocks

Ever wondered what those numbers and letters beside the route names mean? Climbing grades are a mysterious dark art for most, only the craggy hardest rock jock spends their evenings in the pub discussing these runes. The scale progresses upwards; the higher the number, the harder the problem. Letters ‘a’ ‘b’ ‘c’ and ‘+’ can…

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by Klaus in Recommendations

eMTB Riding Tips & Techniques for Beginners

The new era of electric mountain bikes promises a wider world to ride and explore. With that extra electric boost, you will be able to realize adventures that previously seemed out of reach. But how do they ride? There are a few things to consider when setting out on an electric bike versus a regular,…

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by Mary in Feel Good

How to improve your fitness on a one-week trip to the Tirol

Want to give your muscles a workout whilst enjoying some of the finest landscapes in Europe? With mountain biking, hiking, rafting and more to choose from in the Austrian Alps, it’s surprisingly easy. Here’s how you can be both fit and healthy on a seven-day holiday in the Tirol.

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Selection of our most interesting stories about huts, traditional recipes and the people who make Tirol what it is.

by Timothy in Recommendations

Travelers guide to Tirol

Whether it be your 1st or 10th time travelling Tirol, it’s always worthwhile maximising the value of your visit. The following 8 tips just might make the difference between a satisfactory holiday and an unforgettable adventure.

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by Julia in Family

Up Into the Tree Tops: The X-Trees Aerial Forest Park in Serfaus

Actually I have fear of heights. Actually. But then I went on a trip to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Region with my boys and of course they recognized the high ropes course at the entrance to Serfaus at first sight. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming and I had no other choice than to work my way from one platform…

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by Michael in People

Summit Stories: Bernhard Neumann and Olperer Mountain

This man has bagged the 3,476-meter peak of Olperer for more than 100 times: Bernhard Neumann’s appreciation and respect for this lofty giant in Inner Zillertal Valley grew with each attempt to get there. We tried to get some good pictures of Olperer. With the help of Bernhard.

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by Irene in People

Homeworker in a Fragrant Paradise: Verena Buchhammer’s Herbs from Kauns

Verena Buchhammer is a homeworker who works outdoors – she grows an incredible selection of medicinal herbs and spices in her garden that sprawls over 500 square meters. Her passion and knowledge of herbs encapsulates in hardy varieties that thrive in the region. Just as the Tuxer Rinder, a local breed of domestic cattle that…

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by Julia in Family

Mountain Adventure in Landeck Area: The Fendels Summer Mountain

Usually, I explore the mountains in the environs of Innsbruck and in Tirol’s Unterland Region together with my boys. Thus I thought it’s time to head west and see what’s on offer for families in Upper Inntal Valley. On a rainy day in fall we ended up on the Fendels Summer Mountain, which makes for…

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