The perfect weekend in Gradonna Mountain Resort, Kals – East Tirol

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I’ve stayed in far too many average hotels recently and, initially, I approached the Gradonna Mountain Resort with scepticism. To put so huge a complex in Kal’s small, village-like atmosphere at the foot of the Grossglockner appeared to be an acquired taste at first. But after experiencing it first hand, I’ve been converted. Here’s why:

  1. Magnificent views
    The view from the rooms is simply stunning – prepare to go weak in the knees when you peer out of your bedroom and bathroom windows.
  1. Outstanding staff
    Courteous and charming, the staff went above and beyond, attending to my every need – when I turned up 45 minutes before the indoor pool opened, it was promptly unlocked, just for me! I’ve got stacks similar stories, all very positive but, in summary: you’ll feel welcome from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.
  1. Fantastic food
    The breakfast is heavenly (allow yourself two hours to fully appreciate it) and the five-course evening meals are an inspiration, with a diverse daily menu and new surprises each day.
Magnificent views

Magnificent views

The hotel spa, superb bedrooms, spacious lobby and relaxing bar area make the decision to step outside a tough one, when the urge to stay indoors is so tempting.

Spectacular sports and leisure facilities

Spectacular sports and leisure facilities

Top tips: If possible, book a room or suite in the tower, staying as high up as possible – the view is even better from here and the infrared cabins give fantastic mountain vistas. For the most relaxing long weekend in Gradonna, autumn and spring are my favourite seasons.

The view from the bathroom is jaw-dropping

The view from the bathroom is jaw-dropping



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