Sledging time! Fotschertal for the kids…

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And go!

“Where are your gloves?” Where did I put them last spring? I must think clearly now. It’s been a while since her last toboggan ride. My daughter Mia is excited – snow at last! I’m more of a summer person myself, if I’m honest but today’s bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine have tempted me outdoors. We’re heading to the Fotschertal Valley in Sellrain, one of the few local areas where the snow is ready for toboggans.

Winter wonderland

Full of enthusiasm, Mia can’t wait and, sure enough, it’s not long before she asks “are we nearly there yet?” There’s only one way to pass the time: a story. Using my imagination, I make one up on the spot and Mia listens eagerly as I enjoy the fresh air. The landscape has turned into a winter wonderland, with fresh snow glittering in the sun, shimmering icicles in the creek by the road and the bushes all covered in piles of white powder. Mia can hardly control herself; she takes a little snow and stuffs it into her mouth. Before I tell her stop, I have to smile to myself – would I not have done the same as a child?


A good hour or so and two stories later, we reach the Alps, arriving at Gasthaus Bergheim (Guesthouse Bergheim). After all that walking, a children’s Schnitzel is the perfect reward for Mia. The guesthouse is good, with excellent food and reasonable prices but we don’t stay long – Mia is far too excited at the thought of zooming downhill. The toboggan run is perfectly prepared and the safe conditions at Fotsch are ideal for children. It’s great fun and there’s loads going on here. When I ask Mia if she’s had a good time, she answers; “Can we come back tomorrow?” If that’s not a sign of a successful day out, then I don’t know what is!

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