12 mountain bike riding technique tips

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In our video series – all videos are available for you to watch below – Kurt Exenberger shows you everything you need to know to improve your mountain biking techniques. Here, though, we have summarized the most important tips:

  1. Mountain Bike Equipment
    Kurt shows you how to set up your handlebar and brakes and how to find the right riding position:
    MTB Fahrtechnik Training (1): Mountainbike Ausrüstung & Materialkunde
  2. Mountain Bike Basic Positioning
    The correct basic position is essential for a safe and comfortable ride over the terrain.
    Mountainbike Grundlagentraining Position
  3. Mountain Bike Braking Techniques
    When braking, it’s really important to use just one finger, to distribute the braking force correctly and to adjust your basic position.
    Mountainbike Bremstechnik
  4. Riding uphill with your Mountain Bike
    Tackling steep terrain isn’t too difficult with the right technique ;-).
    MTB Fahrtechnik Training (4): Mountainbike Bergauffahren
  5. Fast Cornering on your Mountain Bike
    When bends get tighter, it helps to push your handlebars into the turn.
    MTB Fahrtechnik Training (5): Mountainbike Kurven fahren
  6. Obstacles
    A good way to overcome obstacles by mountain bike is lowering your shoulders and push yourself away from the handlebars at the right time near the obstacle.
    Mountainbike Hindernisseg-Mountainbike-Hindernisse
  7. Downhill steep steps
    When riding on downhill steps press the front wheel hard to the ground, while keeping you legs relatively straight.
    MTB Fahrtechnik Training (7): Mountainbike Bergab Steilstufen
  8. Hairpins
    Hairpins are best tackled if you’ve already got a clear view well beyond the end of the curve, while ensuring you put plenty of pressure on the front wheel.
    Mountainbike Spitzkehren
  9. Mountain Bike Jumps and Drops
    To tackle a jump, push your weight down and up again slightly before committing to take off then cushion your landing by absorbing impact like a cat.
    MTB Fahrtechnik Training (9): Mountainbike Sprung und Drop
  10. Mountain Bike Wheelies
    For a successful wheelie, it’s important to lift your handlebars with good even pull from both hands. Grind the rear brake slightly with one finger also.
    MTB Fahrtechnik Training (10): Mountainbike Wheelies
  11. Mountain Bike Manual
    Finding the sweet spot isn’t easy. You need to shift your weight far back and then correct using the rear brake.
    Mountainbike Manual
  12. Bunny Hop
    The most important thing to remember with the bunny hop is that the jump needs to take both, a forward and upward motion.
    MTB Fahrtechnik Training (12): Bunny Hop


All MTB riding technique videos are available here:

If you’d like to improve your techniques with the help of and expert, get involved with the SAAC Bike Camps. And make sure you have fun practicing :)!


Whether it’s a lesser-known destination or a random trailside attraction, nature lover Eva Thöni will be there with her camera in tow, eager to share her greatest mountain moments with you.

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