My three favorite spring tours on the Bike Trail Tirol

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Today I want to talk about three particular tours on the Bike Trail Tirol. These can also be brilliant day tour cycles too, and all three don’t go up any higher than 1,500m above sea level. This means that there’s no risk of snow settling. Around this season, you’ll get to see primroses and loads of other spring flowers instead.

1 Landeck to Ischgl

This tour takes you onto the slopes to the left and right of the Paznauntal in the well-known ski resort of Ischgl. From Landeck, the route heads up toward Tobadill, a sleepy little village off the beaten track. From the village you can see right across the valley toward Kappl. This is my favourite stretch: gorgeous flower meadows and small streams that lead down to the melt water from the mountains. From Ischgl, it’s best to take the bus back to the starting point; public buses in the Tirolean Oberland are well prepared for bikers. At the back of each bus, there are hangers for wheels, and the buses run approximately every hour.

The tour ranges between 33km and 1,250m in altitude, so you need a little stamina. Details can be found here:

The Trail between See and Kappl

The Trail between See and Kappl


2 Around the Guffert

This course is a dream, but it’s not normally good for riding on until June (yet sometimes as early as May) because of the snow. This course will take you right back at the starting point. It begins at the Kaiserhaus near Brandenberger Ache and continues along the abandoned road towards Steinberg am Achensee. This place is also called ‘The End of the World’. Shortly after this point, the track branches off from the forest and on to Gufferthütte. Here, at the highest point of the tour, you’ll then roll back down to the Brandenberger Ache and the Kaiserhaus (which is famous for its their tasty trout). This round is a good 40km and 1,000m above sea level, classified as moderately difficult. Here are the details:

At the Gufferthütte

At the Gufferthütte


3 Steeg to Weissenbach

This stage leads along the cycle path beside the River Lech in the valley, and can be ridden on touring bikes. From Steeg in the upper Lech Valley, you can ride alongside the last remaining wild river in the Northern Alps, where you’ll chance upon traditional villages such as Holzgau (known for its Elbigenalp carvings) or Vorderhornbach, where you’ll can admire hundreds of wild orchids. Shortly before the final stage at Forchach, the Lech opens up to cover almost the entire valley. It’s here where some of the most famous photographs of this wild river have been taken. If you want to continue up to Weissenbach or even as far as Reutte or Füssen, I’d advise you go by car and park somewhere between Füssen and Weissenbach, to catch the tour bus to Steeg (it runs here pretty much as regularly as in the Tirolean Oberland). Distance info: 44km and 200m in altitude. Because of the small inclines the route can also be driven if you’ve got children with you. Especially as you can always take the bus back. Here the exact route description with maps and GPS tracks:

Perfect signage in the Lech Valley

Perfect signage in the Lech Valley


Georg Pawlata spends much of his time jumping on any adventure that crosses his path around Tirol, from hang gliding and mountain biking to snowboarding and backcountry skiing.

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