10 lakes to cool off in on hot summer days

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In the last weekend, the thermometer reached up to 36°. Yesterday, I went swimming in Lake Hechtsee (pictured above) near Kufstein. And today I discovered some images from these tyrolean swimming lakes on Instagram that I wanted to share with you…


1 – Piburgersee Lake

My favorite lake in Tirol for lots of reasons, but mainly because I’ve spent many unforgettable childhood holidays at Piburgersee Lake.

Where?: Above Oetz (–> Google Maps)


2 – Blindsee Lake

Another beautiful mountain lake, this one’s especially popular because of its turquoise water and its impressive view.

Where?: North side of the Fern Pass-highway connecting Nasserreith and Biberwier
(–> Google Maps)


3 – Reintalersee Lake

One of the warmest lakes in Tirol, also boasting large lawns.

Where?: East of Kramsach (–> Google Maps)


4 – Hintersteinersee Lake

The mountains at the back of Hintersteinersee Lake continue to inspire me. It’s also one of the cleanest mountain lakes in Tirol.

Where?: Above Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser (–> Google Maps)


5 – Achensee Lake

Tirol’s largest lake comes with lots of recreational options.

Where?:swimming areas in Maurach, Pertisau and Achenkirch   (–> Google Maps)



6 – Schwarzsee Lake

Not only great for cooling off, the Schwarzsee Lake is a moor lake with healing properties.

Where?: On the road between Brixental Kitzbühel and Kirchberg in Tirol (–> Google Maps)


7 – Haldensee Lake

An idyllic mountain lake with a public beach on the western shore.

Where?: In Haldensee (–> Google Maps)


8 – Walchsee Lake

Whether sailing, water skiing or surfing, action-packed water activities are guaranteed at the Walchsee Lake.

Where?:In Walchsee  (–> Google Maps)


9 – Thiersee Lake

Lots of different sunbathing areas and a beach to choose from here at Thiersee Lake.

Where?: In Thiersee, west of Kufstein  (–> Google Maps)


10 – Tristachersee Lake

The only natural swimming lake in East Tirol, it’s particularly popular among families with children.

Where?: Southeast of Lienz (–> Google Maps)


What are your tips for a day’s swimming in Tirol? Here you’ll find all you need about the Tirolean lakes at a glance: 



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