Making an Entrance: Arrive in Style at Innsbruck Airport


Ask anybody who has ever flown into Innsbruck airport about their arrival and they’ll virtually all gesticulate wildly and enthusiastically about the experience. To be whisked by the snow-capped mountains is truly an unforgettable experience. For us Tiroleans, the visual and visceral experience that accompanies the final descent into the Inn Valley, and the landing itself, always feels like a knowing ‘welcome home’: A very special feeling of connection to that magnificence and beauty which we know so well. And when you get the chance to cruise so closely past the summits of these mighty mountains you’re not only about to get a hearty welcome, you’re also getting a free ride on one of the most spectacular, scenic tours in the world. 

Of course, snow-capped mountains are one thing (and we’ve all gushed over the opening aerial shots of a David Attenborough documentary) but let’s not forget that a summer flight over the Alps offers some pretty awesome sights too. The cold and dramatic white, snowy mountains are replaced by greens and browns and exposed rocky outcrops with the slight haze and warmth of summer can create some amazing fading mists and muted colours of distant peaks that are often unknown to the winter visitor.

Not quite as spectacular as the final descent into Innsbruck, but no less comfortable, are the flights into either Munich or Salzburg airports. A convenient shuttle service,, can be used to go from airport to resort when flying into Innsbruck or Munich. Our website is also home to plenty of other live travel information for those coming to the Tirol.


Whether it’s a lesser-known destination or a random trailside attraction, nature lover Eva Thöni will be there with her camera in tow, eager to share her greatest mountain moments with you.

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