The perfect day of skiing in Tirol (in Instagram pictures)

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Skiing from dawn until dusk on fresh powder in beautiful sunshine, with short breaks on the sun terrace and long wind-downs during the après-ski… This is real; is this not the perfect day skiing in the Tyrolean Mountains?

Indeed, this ideal day is probably a little different for everyone. Here’s a selection of moments of happiness taken from the most beautiful experiences of Tirol fans on Instagram. This is how my own perfect day of skiing might look like:


Here we go
Up at dawn, take a look at the mountains and enjoy the thrill of knowing that you will now be among the first on the slopes. Ideally, you’ve collected your skis the day before and they’re ready for you in the car. And when you’re done, you can just drive away.


The first descent
Carve the first tracks through the deep virgin snow, or even on the freshly raked slopes. It’s still a little chilly, but only a few people are already on the go (the ski course strikes up in half an hour).


Taking a compulsory group selfie on the ski lift, you want to show the world where you are. Although try not to drop your gloves or mobile phone!


Your belly is full of pancakes, apple-sauce and ski water (raspberry juice and soda). If you manage to get a seat on the sun terrace, you can soak up the view while your food goes down!


I survived!
The longest run and steepest slopes at the ski resort mastered without stopping (or falling ;-)). It’s easiest when most other skiers are still having lunch.


The unforgettable view!
Intermittently, stop to admire the beautiful mountain scenery, take pictures and enjoy the amazing weather.


Next stop: sun deck
Stop for an afternoon break with après ski music already playing at full volume and let a little sun catch your nose.


The End
One last ski under the last few rays of sun; tired but happy.


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