Fatbikes, snowkiting and other winter sports

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It may be winter and everyone escapes to the mountains to go snowboarding or skiing, but have you ever been struck with the idea to go mountain biking during the winter? How about the possibility of kiteboarding? 
You’re not the only ones! We’ve compiled a quick tip list for those of you who are looking to try something different on the mountain.

Fatbike Festival Kitzbühel

Mountain Biking In The Snow
It might not sound like a usual past time, but with these so-called ‘Fatbikes’ it’s totally possible. If you’ve never heard of them, Fatbikes are mountain bikes with extra fat tyres that allow the rider better grip in snowy conditions. There’s a bike course in Pitzal this winter; and from January 8 – 11 Kirchberg in Tirol was hosting the first ever Fatbike Festival.

Speaking from personal experience, there’s no better feeling than to be sliding across the snow as the force of the wind pulls you along. You just grab a kite (a giant kite!), a pair of skis or a snowboard, and run out as soon as you know there will be decent winds for snowkiting. Luckily, Tirol has an abundance of good spots for snowkiting, particularly in Achensee. For more information on snowkiting and where to try it out go to: http://www.tyrol.com/snowkiting

Snowkiten am Achensee (c) Snowkite Achensee

We all know how closely related snowboarding is to surfing and skateboarding. So why not get closer to that relationship by surfing on the snow; essentially riding a snowboard without bindings in some deep snow? It takes a certain amount of skill to do it, which is why you only see professionals do it. Worth a try but not recommended if you’re not an expert snowboarder already.

20 DÄy´s with Wolfgang Nyvelt 2014 from ÄSMO on Vimeo.

Go Bobsleighing
What does it feel like to be sat in a four-man bobsleigh and speed down a track at 90 km/h? The Olympic Ice Track in Igls near Innsbruck is the place to find out. But don’t worry – you won’t be sent down without proper supervision: there’s a professional ready at the helm of a bobsleigh ready to take you safely to the bottom. What are you waiting for?


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