Five Reasons why the Knight’s Tournament Games at Ehrenberg are a Must Do Experience

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A Guest Post by Reutte Nature Park Region

Thousands turn out for the Knight’s Tournament Games at Ehrenberg each year. We decided to be a part of  it last year and it turned out to be a fantastic fun-filled day, full of bone-crunching combat knights, music and scrumptious food. Let yourself be transported back to Medieval times this July. Here are five reasons why you should join the Medieval townsfolk, musicians and nobles as there is no better way to learn about history and have fun at the same time:

1. Food & Drink

Suckling pig, spit-roasted meats, spareribs, “Kasspatzen”, filled pancakes, ice cream and potato specialties—all taste buds were satiated. The food looked spectacular and was amazingly good. A scrumptious feast of culinary delights fit for a king. They offered a full range of refreshments to tempt and delight visitors including a selection of cold beverages, fine brews and Medieval specialties like dragon blood, kobold drops and elves drink.

Essen - Ritterspiele Ehrenberg

2. Attractions for Kids

From storytelling to knights in combat and giants blowing bubbles, the programme of entertainment for budding knights and princesses was bursting at the seams. There was hands-on-history and activities for all the family all day throughout the castle grounds. In the smallest Ferris wheel in the world, little ones were get thrown around all over the place by manpower. Swords were wielded, archery skills tested, axes were thrown and faces were painted. And those who asked friendly were given the chance to be photographed with knights in shining armour or on the back of a horse. We had not expected these guys to be so friendly; guess they weren’t like that back in Medieval days.

Kinderprogramm - Ritterspiele Ehrenberg

3. Medieval Market

With stalls spread throughout the castle grounds in decorated marquees and historical tents, the Medieval Market provided a chance to see crafts from the past. A blacksmith worked on elaborate jewellery and a barber was on site offering shaving services. A massage therapist dressed in Medieval finery helped to soothe those aching muscles.

Master of myths and teller of tales transported visitors back to Medieval times with stories and legends in the fortune-teller’s tent. Musicians delighted and entertained all as they wove their musical, magical way through the merry crowds. Art and craft booths offered unique and handcrafted wares for outstanding shopping pleasures. Unique, handmade and one-of-a-kind wares included whimsical and fine jewellery, reconstructed and handmade clothing, delicate footwear, leather goods and much more. Master crafters were demonstrating their skills, blacksmithing swords and shields that were available for sale on site.

Mittelaltermarkt - Ritterspiele Ehrenberg

4. Shows & Re-enactments in Medieval Attire

We witnessed the exquisite details of re-enactment at the Historic Battle of Ehrenberg and the Combat against a Roman legion. The sparks flew as the armour-clad knights battled it out with sword and axe to gain the victor’s laurels at the Knight’s Tournament Games. Bone-crunching action whilst the courtly ladies, noblemen and squires looked on.

Teams of magnificent horses and daring riders were performing a variety of tricks and stunts. Mystics, jugglers, and jousters in historic costumes amazed and enthralled the visitors who laughed out loud at silly jesters. Fire eating, jumping through a ring of fire and fire juggling were big, spine-tingling and heart stopping crowd pleasers.

Ritterturnier - Ritterspiele Ehrenberg

5. Encampment

We found a whole Medieval village with tented encampment had been set up. We wandered through the camp and mingled knights, noblemen, craftsmen and farmers demonstrating Medieval skills and “day-to-day life”.

There was plenty to see and experience in this tented encampment that brought the Medieval world to life, complete with the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the period. Dressed up in Medieval finery, diners experienced delicious fare that was authentically Medieval al fresco or in a tent. They were trying to be authentic to the flavours and dishes that would have graced Medieval knight’s tables. The atmosphere was lovely and it was nice to see everybody joining the hustle and bustle of Medieval life, stepping back in time.

Undisputed highlight was to soak up the sights and sounds of the encampment at night. The atmosphere was fuelled by candles and torches and everyone gathered by the campfire, singing along. The encampment fully captured the spirit of the time and it really was an amazing atmosphere.

Lagerleben - Ritterspiele Ehrenberg

The Ehrenberg Knight’s Tournament Games truly is as close as you can get to discovering Medieval Tirol. Visitors can step back in time and experience the entertainment, crafts, cuisine and hustle and bustle of life as it would have been back in the Middle Ages. To get the most out of this event, we strongly recommend to visit on two days as some of the most exhilarating attractions, such as the firework displays, take place after the night has set in.

One thing is for sure: We will come and see the authentic recreation of this fascinating era in 2015 at Ehrenberg again.


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