Top Secret: Ten of the Best James Bond-Inspired Adventures

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If the thought of firing a rifle, upscale fine dining, wearing a tuxedo, and having your vodka martinis’ shaken, not stirred has you humming the James Bond Theme Song… these winter adventures in the mountains of Tirol may channel the inner Bond in you. Have you got what it takes to be James Bond?

1. Line Up a Target: Biathlon

Der Atem rast, die Hand zittert. Geheimagenten treffen trotzdem ins Schwarze. Auch beim Biathlon, einer Kombination aus Langlauf und Zielschießen. Im kommenden Bond-Streifen „Spectre“ fliegen neben Gewehrkugeln auch Holzscheunen in Obertilliach (Osttirol) durch die Luft. (Foto: Tirol Werbung)

This will get your heart racing. Secret agents always hit the bullseye, though. And they know how to ski fast and shoot straight: Biathlon is the only sport that involves ski wax and bullets. In “Spectre”, the new James Bond Film, not only bullets are flying but explosions are echoing throughout the otherwise peaceful village of Obertilliach, East Tirol. (Photo: Tirol Werbung)

Top Secret! Experience Being a Biathlete:

2. Snowkite Chase

Die Leinen spannen sich, der Kite hebt ab und Adrenalin schießt durch den Körper. Allein durch die Kraft des Windes gleiten Snowkiter über den Schnee. Alleskönner James Bond würde mit Sicherheit auch Snowkiten schnell lernen. (Foto: Snowkite Achensee)

And finally, he jumps off a cliff face, releasing a snowkite to float him to safety… No matter what physical challenge presents itself to Bond—he bosses it every single time. Snowkiting will elevate your winter experience to all new heights. All you need is the wind, a snowkite, skis or snowboard, and an attitude for fun! (Photo: Snowkite Achensee)

Secret Documents for Aspiring Snowkiters:

3. Moonlight Sledding

Wie lässt sich ein Bond-Girl besser bezaubern als mit einer romantischen Rodelpartie im Schnee? Selbst Agent Null-Null-Sieben wäre überrascht, wie schnell er mit einem Schlitten talwärts rasen kann. Und das sogar am Abend, denn einige Rodelbahnen sind praktischerweise beleuchtet. (Foto: TVB Stubai Tirol/Andre Schönherr)

Be the type of man who can woo a lady in minutes: What better idea for a romantic date than to sled under the stars? Your gorgeous Bond girl holds on tight as you both whiz down the mountain on a sled at the speed of light. The world’s most famous spy himself would be surprised of how much fun you may have zooming down an illuminated track at night. (Photo: TVB Stubai Tirol/Andre Schönherr)

Contact Information for Sledding Agents:

4. Terrain Parks – The Secret Training Facility For Aspiring Secret Agents

Hier trifft sich der Agenten-Nachwuchs. Denn die Sprünge und Tricks der Freeskier und Snowboarder sind in eigentlich ein Geheimcode für Eingeweihte. Nur sie wissen, was „Cork 7“, „Rodeo“ oder „Switch 540 Japan“ bedeuten. Der vermutlich einzige, der das auch weiß, heißt Bond. James Bond. (Foto: Michael Gams)

Analyse, encrypt, and uncover intelligence data at the secret training facility for aspiring secret agents, Tirol’s awesome terrain parks. Up and coming freestylers and seasoned experts alike are using secret codes like “Cork 7”, “Rodeo” or “Switch 540 Japan”. Probably the only man capable of deciphering these codes is named Bond. James Bond. (Photo: Michael Gams)

Calling Aspiring Secret Agents:

5. Glamorous Mountaintop Lodging

There are on-mountain places in Tirol that have just the right amount of style to accommodate James (and whoever he might like to bring back to his suite). Plan to spend some bucks and enjoy a romantic dinner at the fine dining restaurant before going to sleep. You’ll find mountaintop lodging to be an unforgettable and unique experience and, yes, even an adventure. (Photo: Wedelhütte)

Mountaintop Lodging & Dining.

6. The Secret Location: Ice Cave

Ice caves that are visited by large numbers of people are perfect spots for an international secret agent, with lots of covert little chambers of ice for Bond to retreat to. By the way, murder happens very rarely here as ice preserves bodies just a little too well. The most famous example is ‘Oetzi, the Ice Man’. (Photo: Michael Gams)

Icy Secrets: Natural Ice Palace at Hintertux glacier and Ice grotto at stubai glacier.

7. Igloo Bar: Shaken, Not Stirred

Geheimagenten verdienen sich auch mal einen coolen Drink an der Sonne. Eine Iglubar ist dafür der ideale Ort: Erstens bleiben der Vodka Martini kühl und zweitens behält man dort immer den Überblick. (Foto: Michael Gams)

Although it has been proven time and again that Bond will drink anywhere, when in Tirol, he should opt for somewhere sophisticated to get sloshed—somewhere like the beautiful Igloo Bar. Your drink will stay cold down to the last sip and you’ll have things under control. We’re not saying that downing a martini will make you smart and stylish like Bond, but hey—it couldn’t hurt. (Photo: Michael Gams)

On his Majesty’s Secret Service: The Igloo Barkeeper.

8. Showdown at the Sled Dog Race

Wenn Bond in der Wildnis strandet und keine technischen Hilfmittel zur Fortbewegung findet, dann helfen nur noch die treuesten Begleiter des Menschen. Ein echter Agent spannt einfach Schlittenhunde für seine Zwecke ein. (Foto: TVB Pillerseetal)

It takes a certain calibre of man to bring James Bond to life. If 007 finds himself stranded in the wilderness with no means of transport, he harnesses those four-legged creatures that are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend.” The world’s greatest super-spy swaps fast cars for sled dogs with a breeze. And he looks good while doing it. (Photo: TVB Pillerseetal)

9. Chasing the Vision of James Bond at the Winter Festival Erl

Auf dem Parkett von Opernhäusern bewegt sich Bond ebenso sicher wie bei Verfolgungsjadgen. Durchaus denkbar, dass Geheimagenten auch das Winter-Festspielhaus in Erl durchstreifen. Mit seiner kantigen schwarzen Fassade würde es glatt als Stützpunkt eines Bond-Gegenspielers durchgehen. (Foto: Tiroler Festspiele Erl / Peter Kitzbichler)

As a man of the world, Bond does not look out of place in the world’s most exclusive opera houses, or sitting behind the wheel of a flashy motor. Imagine trying to get lost in the escapist world of espionage at the superb state-of-the-art Festival House—whose darkly gleaming façade suggests secrets, or a tyrannical villain, are hidden within. (Photo: Tiroler Festspiele Erl / Peter Kitzbichler)

The Tirol Winter Festival Erl.

10. Decadent Mountaintop Dining above 3,000 Meters

Während man im Original-Bond-Drehort IceQ am Söldener Gletscher speist, fehlt nur noch, dass Daniel Craig um die Ecke biegt und einen Martini bestellt. Draußen parkt inzwischen das Fluchtfahrzeug – ein Schneemobil. (Foto: Ötztal Tourismus / Rudi Wyhlidal)

The Ice Q mountaintop restaurant, a shadow ice-cube of a building with walls of sheer glass, was used for filming Spectre. Tucking into multiple courses of exquisite, surprising cuisine in the midst of the magnificent Alps, you will wonder if Daniel Craig has had one heck of a dining experience here, too. As is compulsory in any snowbound Bond setting, there are snowmobiles. (Photo: Ötztal Tourismus / Rudi Wyhlidal)

Spectacular buildings can be found atop Tirol’s highest mountains—visit these 12 buildings and be Bond for the day.

(Article Photo: SPECTRE © 2015 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Danjaq, LLC and Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.)


When he is not working, Michael Gams is out exploring this beautiful country, hiking, mountain biking, freeriding and ski touring to the most beautiful spots in Tirol.

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