Favourite Winter Activities in Tirol

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Skiing has always been a favourite winter pastime in Tirol. Yet, as you might know, there is something irresistible about this country in winter—and there are plenty of other ways to make the most of wintertime in Tirol. Here I have listed some of our favourite winter activities (presented in no particular order):


Shovelling Snow
Whether using a shovel or a snow blower, snow and winter calls for clearing the driveway from snow, a favourite pastime for many Tiroleans.

Winterhobby der Tiroler: Schnee schaufeln


Waxing Skis
Wax is a key factor in ski performance and waxing skis regularly is an important part of ski maintenance. Waxing is important for multiple reasons. Waxing makes everyone better skiers—and skiers who are having more fun!

Willst du mit mir Sessel-Lift fahren? Ja [x] Nein [ ] Vielleicht [ ] #lovetirol #aboyonadventures #diewocheaufinstagram

Ein von Fabian Pimminger (@fabianpimminger) gepostetes Foto am

Chopping Wood
Everyone loves a good fire. And while the image of a lumberjack in flannel is what comes to mind when people thing of log splitting, chopping wood is a deeply satisfying and calming task. Winterhobby der Tiroler: Holz hacken


Watching Ski Races on TV
It’s that time. During the winter months, races are scheduled each weekend. The Alpine Ski World Cup. Cheering on the Austrian ski stars…it’s all very exciting! As watching ski races on TV is truly the national pastime in Tirol, televisions are found up on the mountains at every ski lodge or restaurant.

Endlich gehts los…Speed-Auftakt @ Lake Louise


The young and young-at-heart ones of us love to immerse ourselves in the raucous sense of après enjoyment, partying and frenetic nightlife that Tirol’s big ski resorts are abuzz with. Plus, great events are scheduled all winter long: Tirol’s events such as the Top of the Mountain Concert in Ischgl or the Electric Mountain Festival in Ötztal Valley cater to the young at heart and music enthusiasts alike.
Electric Mountain Festival im Ötztal


Baking Cookies
The smell alone of freshly baked cookies tickles the taste buds and makes the whole house smell inviting and homey. We ask Grandma for those delicious recipes and bake those yummy treats from scratch. And no matter what they look like in the end… they are delicious!Winterhobby der Tiroler: Kekse backen


Making Ski Videos
Winter wouldn’t be complete without making our own ski video. Let’s face it, we all have at one time or another seen an action sports movie and have imagined ourselves in it. Although we might not have the same skill, production equipment, or terrain availability as some of the big boys we see on the big screen, we can make pretty serviceable videos to brag to our friends with or laugh at.


Building Snowmen
Tiroleans know how to make a snowman—and mostly they come in pairs: Snowman with original Tirolean hat and hiking pole, snowwoman with Grandma’s apron and broom…

…and build the first snowman Ein von Marika (@marmelis_dietirolerin) gepostetes Foto am


Wearing Costumes
The winter season includes some of the most important folk events of Tirol. Long past rites and customs are still lived here and passed down from father to son. They include magical and anxiously awaited spectacles, from devilish creatures, called “Krampus”, covered with bells and dragging chains, roaming the streets in late November and early December to carnival parades at the end of the season. As spring is the season of hope, spring festivals are joyous occasions in celebration of the rebirth of nature. Carnival customs reflect this happiness in singing, dancing, flowers, and jokes.
Krampusumzug Igls

Fasnacht in Innsbruck


Not for fun, but for some serious—and fierce!—competition! Many villages around Tirol have their own runs designated for sledding and locals love to compete for their chance at glory, whisking down the mountain at the speed of light.


No, figln is not the same as skiing ;-)!

Pre season figln. #onlyinibk #innsbruck #bwtirol

Ein von Lea Hajner (@esctown) gepostetes Foto am


I have listed some of the favourite winter activities of Tirolean, but what about you? Apart from skiing, what’s your favourite winter tradition? Let us know in the comments below.


Whether it’s a lesser-known destination or a random trailside attraction, nature lover Eva Thöni will be there with her camera in tow, eager to share her greatest mountain moments with you.

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