Seven Reasons Snow Makes You A Happier Person


The enchanting scene created by the first snowflakes swirling from the sky in late fall makes everyone cheer like children (whether in person or on social media such as Facebook): “It’s snowing! It’s SNOWING!!” And, all winter long, when I see those fat, fluffy flakes twirling, I feel happy.

So, here are just some of the many, many reasons I love snow. Leave a comment with your own reasons you love snow!

1. The mountains are especially beautiful with freshly fallen snow.

The first fluffy layer of glittering snow makes Tirol truly look and feel like a winter wonderland.


Winter wonderland in Sillian, East Tirol

Winter wonderland in Sillian, East Tirol

Skiing in Kitzbühel

Skiing in Kitzbühel


2. The snow may melt, but your love will go on <3

Drawing a heart in the snow is a great idea that brings the heat despite the cold.

he loves me Happy Valentine’s day!

Ein von Marika (@marmelis_dietirolerin) gepostetes Foto am


This was meant to be a #valentinesday photo.. but I forgot #love #snow #heart #winter #lovetirol #tirol #ischgl #skiing #snowboarding #austria #mountains #powder #fresh no#vsco #gopro #dslr #fun #

Ein von Kresimir Lovric (@kloo15) gepostetes Foto am

3. Riding downhill is much more fun than walking downhill.

Especially if you gained altitude, in search of the perfect downhill run, under your own steam. Freeriding gets those endorphins flowing!


Powder hounds don’t even need this reminder. It’s up there in the mountains, waiting for you. Go get it :)

Powder Axamer Lizum

#Fieberbrunn for 2,5 uge siden – slap af der var meget. Se en masse billede fra turen på (Foto: @iversentroels) #myaustria #visitaustria #lovetirol Ein von Jens Peter (@jenspfrederiksen) gepostetes Foto am

5. Snow blowers are so much cooler than riding lawn mowers.

Objections, anyone :) ?

Stubai Glacier

Stubai Glacier

6. It’s quieter when it snows.

There’s nothing like being the first to leave footprints in a fresh layer of snow to get away from it all and to connect you with your surroundings.

2013-2014 saw the severest winter of the century so far: Obertilliach, East Tirol.

2013-2014 saw the severest winter of the century so far: Obertilliach, East Tirol.

Schnee Osttirol

7. It links us to childhood memories. It gives us fun games and treats.

It doesn’t matter how old you are: Slide! Make a giant snowball! Build a snowman! Make snow angels! Catch snowflakes on your tongue! Throw a snowball! Make an awesome snow fort! Your only limit is your imagination (and the amount of snow)…

Pitztaler Gletscher


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