Thrill Seekers, Meet Your Match on the Osttirodler Alpine Coaster. Scaredy-Cat Triumphs!

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Osttirodler…..? What kind of Yeti can there be in East Tirol’s capital Lienz? In fact, it’s a new year-round attraction that has made its way to Lienz: The Osttirodler Alpine Coaster offers a thrilling ride down the mountain, showcasing mountain views and a thrilling slide through the forest. The state-of-the-art coaster opened by the end of last year and is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that I’m not the daredevil type of person. And no, I’m not the one looking out for that thrilling adrenaline rush all the time. Some even would say that I am a scaredy-cat. Honestly speaking, I was not pleased at all when we were in Lienz the other day and I found out that this new Alpine coaster ride named “Osttirodler” was tagged with adrenaline on its Website. But sometimes, you have to give it a try, even if you don’t like it. That’s why I decided to ride down the mountain on the Osttirodler Alpine Coaster. The friendly—and patient!—starter who gave us instructions at the top assured me (three times) that the ride was REALLY safe. I don’t know why but he was so helpful in addressing my questions and fears that I trusted him implicitly. It did go fast—and as everyone said, “don’t use the brakes!” I did not brake (except, maybe in some hairpin curves). As I made my way down, I felt the rush as I speeded down the 2.7 kilometer long elevated track. And I felt safe! I did not worry about the worst-case scenario all the time. I did not let my imagination grow wild and picture that ultimate nightmare (20 riders behind me flipping out on me for slowing down and stopping on the track… a member of staff crawling through thick forest to rescue me, sweating and grime covered, not to mention scratched from slapping branches and brambles in his hair…). But that did not happen. Instead, I had fun! Scaredy-cat triumphed!

I whizzed down the mountain on 2,700 kilometers of elevated coaster track through dense forest at the speed of light. And only used my brake at the end of the coaster track, where some true scaredy-cat in the sled in front of me sneaked down at speeds of less than 5 kph… Though the ride is REALLY safe and simple enough for a child to operate. So, I’d say, from now on a good way to describe me would be “an adventurous scaredy-cat”.

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From Lienz, the gondola speeds you to your adventure at Moosalm, East Tirol’s spot for family adventure. You can as well hike up there, which takes about one hour to complete. Friendly Moosalm on-mountain inn next to the top of the gondola serves great food. For little ones, there’s a one-of-a-kind, nature-themed adventure playground and a petting zoo.


Elena on the start

Elena on the start


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