Sledding & Tobogganing Safety Tips – Learn How to Steer and Brake


Sledding redefines what it means to have fun in the snow. Andreas, who has been operating Rauthhütte Hut and Sledding Run in Leutasch for decades, has shown Christine how to make this heart-pounding, high-speed fun safe and enjoyable. The quaint hut provides a warm welcome to sledders, winter walkers and ski touring enthusiasts in the winter.

The Right Kind of Sled

A cord or rope is important as it gives you more control. You can pull the sled up with it and you won’t lose the sled on your way down, even if you fall. What’s important as well is that the skids are inclined, giving the sled track safety and the round shape ensures a very low risk of injury.

Dressing Properly

  • Waterproof snow boots with a good tread
  • Snow pants and jacket
  • Mittens or gloves
  • Helmet and goggles

How to Brake

To slow down or stop in flat terrain, put both feet out into the snow. In steep terrain, you are recommended to sit in the rear of the sled, putting both feet flat on the ground and holding on tight to the sled’s front. If you need to brake at high speed, simply pull up the front. The more you pull, the more you break.

Richtig bremsen

How to Steer

Steer your sled with your boots: To steer to the left, simply put your left foot out into the snow on that side and vice versa to steer to the right.

Rauthhütte Sledding Run

To get to Rauthhütte Sledding Run, you have to trek up the mountain. The trip takes some 1.5 hours to complete. Andreas and his family will welcome you to Rauth Hut, which is the perfect place to enjoy mouthwatering local food and drink. Afterwards, the efforts of walking up are rewarded with zooming down the mountain on the 3-kilometer long run. The upper part of the run, however, is suitable for experienced sledding fans only; beginners and families with children are recommended to walk this section.

Rauthhütte LeutaschAndreas Rauthhütte Leutasch

Whether it’s a lesser-known destination or a random trailside attraction, nature lover Eva Thöni will be there with her camera in tow, eager to share her greatest mountain moments with you.

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