Family Holidays: What Kind Of Vacationer Are You?


For many of you, summer means to spend quality time with the family. In the city, on the mountain, hotel or mountain lodge, we all have our little secrets to enjoy its special moments and to organize the stay. Need a little help deciding on where to go and what to do?

Take this fun quiz and find the perfect family vacation for you. The answers are different for different people, but there are only a handful of types of vacations that excite, inspire and wow families. Each answer has an icon (house and mountain, sun and gondola) next to it. In the end, count up all your answers and see where you fit. So let’s play and have fun!

Your idea of the perfect way to spend a beautiful Sunday with the family in the summer is…?

We are going to the next amusement park where we ride the terrifying ghost train and have ice cream and chips.
We enjoy a wonderful breakfast of organic eggs, fresh fruit and homemade muesli. Afterwards, we visit a zoo and look at animals.
We get up early and ride our bikes to the next swimming pool where the kids can play and splash about for hours.

What’s the favourite drink of your children?



Sommerbahnen_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZFizzy drinks

What are your children most likely doing at home?

UrlaubBauernhof_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZCaressing their pets

Sommerbahnen_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZComputer games

Sonne_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZTrampoline jumping

What is the first thing that comes to your childrens’ mind when they think of Tirol?

Sonne_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZMany mountains.

UrlaubBauernhof_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZMany cows.

Sommerbahnen_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZMany ski lifts.

Which of these celebrities living in Tirol do you find likeable?

UrlaubBauernhof_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZActress Nina Proll who succeeds in balancing family life, career and their farm.

Sommerbahnen_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZFreeride skier Stefan Häusl who pursues a career in freeride skiing and shares his passion for mountain adventure with his wife and daughter.

Sonne_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZMountaineer Peter Habeler who first summited Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and, while in his seventies, still loves being in the mountains.

Which of the following is your kids’ favourite TV show?

Sommerbahnen_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZThe Clone Wars and Lego Heroes, as these superheroes inspire my kids.

Sonne_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZVicky the Viking, who faces many adventures along on his voyages with the Vikings.

UrlaubBauernhof_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZYakari, the young Sioux Native American who has the ability to understand and speak animal languages and Heidi, who lives on a mountain farm high in the Swiss Alps.

Which of the following is your kids’ favourite sound?


Sommerbahnen_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZAlpine Coaster/Summer Luge

Sonne_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZBabbling Brook

Count up all your answers and see where you fit. If you selected four or more of one icon you are the corresponding vacation type. Mixed answers? If you selected two icons three times you’re a mixed type.

Sonne_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZHikers & Cyclists

You love to take your kids hiking, cycling and swimming while on vacation. You all need to be outdoors, where the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of nature can be experienced first-hand—at drinking fresh and great tasting spring water, for example. You admire mountaineers like Peter Habeler and want to teach your children to appreciate and enjoy nature as part of preserving wilderness for future generations. When your little ones are not watching Vicky the Viking, they are out there, listening to the murmuring of a brook, connecting with nature… Here’s all you need to know about Hiking and Cycling with the kids in Tirol.

Osttirol, Lienz, Drauradweg

UrlaubBauernhof_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZNature & Animal Lovers

You teach your kids about smart and healthy eating. Your meals are always organic and designed to nourish deeply. Your kids love animals and you all love excursions with the slightly less glamorous — but most enlightening! — activities on a working farm. So, for a real taste of country life, stay at a farm in Tirol. If you’re up for it (no pressure!), pitch in around the farm by feeding the animals, milking the cows, helping with the harvest, or making butter and cheese. Your little ones will definitely want to make friends with the resident flock of cattle and sheep, who are even cuter and more docile than they sound, as they graze among the pastures. Wee ones with a wild side (don’t they all have one?) will be tickled by the furry friends at these child friendly Farmstays in Tirol.


Sommerbahnen_Icon_20x20mm_vektor_RZAction Fans

The upcoming summer has you hunting for family adventure—taking your family to the mountains includes exhilarating activities and attractions. You want to give kids fun things to do. After a scenic summer gondola ride, speed down the mountainside in an Alpine Coaster or Alpine Slide. Find thrills on a high ropes course as you zip above canyons like a soaring eagle, all while enjoying the amazing views and great summer weather. You are thrill-seeking adventurers eager to explore these beautiful mountains at modern day scavenger hunts called geocaching or to reach new heights at rock climbing. You don’t just take your kids to the outdoors—you engage them in it. They learn, challenge, and teach each other…and they smile and laugh a lot.

Timoks Alm, Fieberbrunn

Tirol is a place where families make memories that will last them a lifetime, and our Best Family Holiday Destinations make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for family bonding experiences!


When he is not working, Michael Gams is out exploring this beautiful country, hiking, mountain biking, freeriding and ski touring to the most beautiful spots in Tirol.

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