Favourite Summer Activities in Tirol


Walking, hiking and mountain biking have always been favourite summer pastimes in Tirol. Yet, as you might know, there is something irresistible about this country during the warmer months, too—and there are plenty of other ways to make the most of summertime in Tirol. Here I have listed some of our favourite summer activities (presented in no particular order):

Bringing In the Hay
One of the major preoccupations this time of year for anyone with livestock is the matter of hay. Specifically, enough hay to get the animals through the winter until next summer. The hay is brought in two to three times a summer. The whole family works together to get the bales moved and stacked.

he whole family works together to bring in the hay, Innervillgraten in East Tirol

The whole family works together to bring in the hay, Innervillgraten in East Tirol


Picking Elder, Fenberries & Cranberries
Harvesting sweet, ripe berries seasonally is great fun and wins romance and satisfaction—homemade juices, jams and jellies are simply delicious!

Sommerhobbies Beeren pflücken


Mountaintop Selfies
In all weathers. By the way, rather than sharing them on Instagram and Snapchat, Tiroleans prefer to show their selfies on the smartphone in good company ;-)

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Boxing Clever
The most remarked-upon Tirolean phenomenon in the summer is the profusion of balconies and window boxes adorning houses everywhere not so much riots of colour as orderly regiments, the carefully drilled displays so obviously the product of a huge amount of devoted care.



Village Fairs & Festivals
Tirol loves to celebrate and has a rich tradition of yearly summer fairs and festivals — join the locals at the marquee or on the village streets for live music, dance, culinary delights and quirky small-town traditions you’ll find only here.



On-Mountain After-Work Beer
Get out of the office and onto the mountain. Lace up your hiking boots or grab your your mountain bike—no matter how you get up there, you should definitely have that well-earned after-work beer…or two!


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Sunrise Walks
If you didn’t marvel at sunset during that after-work beer, get up well before the lark and bask in the magical atmosphere of watching the sun fill the air over a lofty peak with its warming glow. Grab a thermos and get to the summit of a mountain for watching one of nature’s best shows. Here comes the sun!

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Sitting on the Bench in Front of the House
Especially popular among (but not limited to!) elderly people. A perfect pastime to slow down, enjoy the fresh air and have a chat with neighbours passing by.

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Swim in a Cold Mountain Lake
There are many places to dip more than a toe into the freezing water in Tirol. Do you dare, too ;) …?

Diving into Vilsalpsee Lake, Tannheimer Tal Valley

Diving into Vilsalpsee Lake, Tannheimer Tal Valley


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