Find Your Bliss: Yoga in Tirol

There’s something so grounding about yoga in the mountains: Nurture your body, mind and spirit in Tirol.

“Virabhadrasana” and “Adho Mukha Svanasana” are two of the most recognized yoga poses in the West. As one of the most outdoorsy and active countries in the world, Tirol promotes personal wellbeing through outdoor adventures such as hiking, running, mountain biking and skiing. But even here at the Heart of the Alps, where all sorts of mountain sports are a way of life, more and more hikers and skiers are rolling out their yoga mats to tap the wisdom of Warrior 2. And to experience some of the most extraordinary venues from a different perspective, the Downward Dog …

Bring your … yoga mat! While you obviously pack hiking boots and swimwear for your Tirol vacation, you might not yet know that packing your yoga bag when you head out to the Heart of the Alps takes travel to the next level. There’s something so grounding about yoga in the mountains. Just walking through the verdant sceneries of Tirol is restorative—signing up for a yoga workshop will take you to an entirely new level of decompressing. Here, we have picked a sampling of unique destinations, retreats, experiences and events throughout Tirol to get you feeling your very best. Whichever path you choose, it will lead you to a calm mind. Namasté and Om!

Tirol Mountain Yoga Centers & Retreats

Sivananda Yoga Center in Reith near Kitzbühel

Think of Kitzbühel and you’re sure to conjure up the world’s most spectacular downhill ski race and designer and fur-clad celebrities. However, there is more to this ritzy and glitzy resort: It is here where you’re sure to be in good hands at one of the most prestigious yoga centers in Austria. The Sivananda Yoga Retreat House offers a rich daily schedule that allows you to do just what you want, whether it’s soul-searching yoga walks, personal, weekend and weeklong getaways, and full teacher training programs. Whatever it is, you’ll return home renewed from the inside out. This retreat will leave you standing as tall as the Kitzbühel Alps the Sivananda Center is surrounded by.


Located on the shores of Fern Pass Lake, AlpenRetreat offers an easy opportunity to discover the divinity within. Nurture your body, mind and spirit in Tirol with a variety of yoga offerings, including ashtanga vinyasa, yin yoga and pranayama along with meditation and tantra. Be enlightened and inspired by AlpenRetreat’s renowned international guest teachers and allow the beauty in nature and the serenity of the mountains to embody you!


Get serious about deepening your yoga practice with retreat founders—and husband and wife team— Maria and Wolfgang Pfeiffer in Leutasch. Combining warm Tirolese hospitality with soul-searching yoga workshops and retreats, aufatmen helps you remember who you are when you’re not absorbed by the flurry of family, work, and life. Owner and founder Wolfgang Pfeiffer is a certified yoga instructor. By the way, ‘aufatmen’ means taking a deep breath (aaaah, fresh mountain air).

Sonnhof Ayurvedic Resort

Yoga is a soul nourishing and body enlivening practice. And perfectly balanced Ayurvedic nutrition ensures the required nourishment is provided to the body for energy and vitality. And Sonnhof is THE Ayurvedic Center of Tirol. You will feel as if you are a part of nature as you experience their wide variety of Ayurvedic treatments along with yoga sessions, workshops and weekend and weeklong getaways.

Yoga-Inspired Events

Mountain Yoga Festival in St. Anton am Arlberg

The first Mountain Yoga Festival comes to St. Anton from September 01 to 04, 2016 and aptly lives up to its name as you will roll out your yoga mat surrounded by some of Tirol’s most awe-inspiring peaks. The inspirational 4-day event is an all-out celebration of mindful living. Fill your days with jivamukti, spirit and yin yoga classes and leap boldly into nature. Walks, mountain meditations and sunset hikes with campfires will get you off your mat and into full adventure mode. The Mountain Yoga Festival offers unique opportunities to get in touch with your inner explorer.

Kitzbühel Yoga Festival

From September 02 to 04, 2016, you can experience Kitzbühel, playground of the Rich and Famous, from a different perspective. The Kitzbühel Yoga Festival is a unique and special gathering unlike any other. For a little bit of glam, the event is staged at luxurious A-ROSA-Resort and is filled with yoga classes, music, dinners, spa treatments and more. Apart from sweating through asanas, there will be a White Night Beach Party and a Closing Ceremony Soul Jam Session.

Innsbruck Yoga Summit

Mark your calendars, yogis! Held in Innsbruck from September 30 to October 02, 2016, the Yoga Summit will get into your mind, body and soul: 15 different styles of yoga, motivating teachers from all around the globe, inspiring lectures and workshops, chanting, meditation, heart-pumping music, dance, boundary-pushing outdoor activities, kids activity programs, and much more… If you aren’t left completely filled up from all of the amazing programming the Yoga Summit offers, there is plenty more to experience to make your time in Innsbruck unforgettable. Get your tickets soon!

Yoga Classes at Mutterer Alm

On Wednesdays in July and August, guests are invited to bring their yoga mats to workout with other yogis in the early morning at Mutterer Alm. It is awesome to draw inspiration from the solidity of the mountains when you stand tall in Tadasana, or Mountain Pose, and the wildflowers bending in the breeze teach you the slow, flowing pace of Surya Namaskars, or Sun Salutations. Yoga sessions are held in all weathers at selected venues. After the guided workout, yogis will enjoy a wonderful and healthy breakfast served at the on-mountain restaurant.

Personal Advice for Yogis:

Years ago I stumbled upon a yoga class in Innsbruck … The Antaratma Yoga Shala on Andreas-Hofer-Street was love at first asana! Every time I step on the mat there, it feels like I’m taking a mini-vacation. Somewhat hidden in a courtyard building, the Shala is an all-styles, all-levels, eco-conscious studio. And although it is not exactly what you would call contemporary and state-of-the-art, it has really got an urban feel to it. The two studio owners are not only great teachers but are true yogis in every sense of the word. No matter what your yoga background, this studio has something to satisfy, from Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga to Acro Yoga. Classes are open to all.

Om Shanti!

Header Picture: © Tourismusverband St. Anton am Arlberg, Patrick Säly


Fabienne is a passionate ambassador of the Tirol Tourist Board. In her early days, she has travelled the world, wondering why so many people visit Tirol. Today, with her travels having taken her to all corners of the globe, she knows she has found the most beautiful place in the world: Tirol!

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