Tirolean Robes for the Modern Amazon: The New Summer Collection by Rebekka Ruétz


Are Princess Louise Margaret of Arenberg, Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria celebrities who nabbed front row seats at one of Berlin Fashion Week’s chicest shows? Well, actually these 17th and 18th century celebrities were the style stars at the presentation of Rebekka Ruétz’ 2017 Spring/Summer Collection.

Rebekka Ruétz loves to take long walks. One of these strolls in the Innsbruck area must have inspired the Tirol-based designer to her latest collection, titled “Funkart”. Picturesquely perched on a hill high above Innsbruck, Ambras Castle is the focal point of a delightful English landscape garden with duck pond. The beautifully preserved romantic Renaissance-style castle includes Europe’s oldest collection of arts, armouries and books. The renowned Portrait Gallery features paintings of outstanding historical and artistic value, reflecting the reign of the Habsburg Dynasty. Rebekka Ruétz reinterpreted four of these historical paintings into the fabrics and forms of fashion.


These historical paintings from the Ambras Castle art collection inspired Rebekka Ruétz to her latest collection (clockwise): Princess Louise Margaret of Arenberg, Allegory on Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I, Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, Electress of Bavaria

Tirol meets Berlin

Set against an elegant garden backdrop, the designs that hit the runway in the presentation of Rebekka Ruétz’ 2017 Spring/Summer Collection during the Berlin Fashion Week at Erika-Hess-Stadium in Wedding combined elaborate patterns, gold accents and geometric forms with vintage-inspired silhouettes. The show started with a video, showing the Tirolean designer walking through Ambras Castle, working on her designs and staring at the mountains.

The collection layers different periods and media in playful compositions with a vibrant colour palette and assorted materials from silk and lace to synthetics and knits. Princess Louise Margaret of Arenberg is depicted on sumptuously draped skirts, Archduchess Maria Anna on flowing dresses made from luxuriantly silk and Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor on a coat.

History meets Future

References to Baroque extravagance and a Rococo aesthetic of softness and nature shine through in the designs of Rebekka Ruétz. Picturing the Modern Amazon, the collection includes adorably feminine dresses with flared sleeves and more structured skirts that extend outward in a hoop-like form. Many of the pieces are linked by broad, metallic gold belts. These details, along with lace-up boots and dramatic makeup that included gold lips with heavy, dark outlines, also lent a futuristic feel to the overall presentation, further illuminating a light-hearted and dynamic interplay of influences and materials, of history and future.

The runway show in Berlin was staged on June 29, 2016 and the models walked the runway for 15 minutes. Showcasing many months’ hard work by Rebekka Ruétz, the show was enthusiastically received by a full house of fashion industry – much to the pleasure of the designer. Who was as well pleased to return to Tirol: “At the end of Fashion Week I’m always looking forward to get back home, where I feel worlds away from the bustle of urban life.”


Dazzling lights and beautiful cityscapes: Ines Mayerl loves the exciting, fast-paced big city life. But no matter how far she may travel, she always returns home to escape to the mountains, to discover stylish, new cafés in Innsbruck and to hit the slopes.

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