Big City Flair in Pint-Sized Shops – Classy Little Shops in Innsbruck

Little shops. Great enjoyment. One-of-a-kind shopping experiences in Innsbruck.

More and more tempting offerings that rival any big city, Innsbruck’s local shopping scene offers a satisfying browse among its offbeat, pint-sized shops. I love the individual spirit of locally owned businesses and fortunately, in recent years, Innsbruck has witnessed a steady rise of unusual places that fuel my thirst for unique products and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Sort of like the ones I always visit when I am on a city trip.

Docht & Wachs

I LOVE candles. Especially those white pillar candles from Docht & Wachs, literally ‘Wick & Wax’. As the name implies, this lovely shop is filled to the brim with candles that are just the way I like them, made from the highest quality oils and long lasting waxes, to ensure a long, dripless and clean burn, ready to fill your home with warmth and mood. Apart from pillar candles of all sizes, shapes, and colours, you will find a rich variety of taper candles, floating candles, premium fragranced candles, tea lights and candle accessories.


Just White

I LOVE white. Not only in the case of candles but in general. That’s why I consider Just White a great addition to Innsbruck’s local shopping scene. Selling all sorts of white items (as the name implies), the shop’s interior aesthetic is superb: racks in front of black walls, filled with hand dipped papers, soaps, gorgeous home decor items and handmade porcelain items …. Simply beautiful!



One is a classy little shop on Innsbruck’s Anichstraße Street, which shows that good things come in small packages. From trendy lesser-known clothing brands that aren’t available elsewhere to cool eyewear and hip handbags, to unique shoes and stylish accessories, the selection of special and fledgling design pieces feels “handpicked” for every personality, meeting the mantra of “fewer, better things”.


Wohnbar 19

Wohnbar 19 is a quaint shop that is located on Schöpfstraße Street, a bit off the beaten path. The hidden gem is an Aladdin’s cave of hard-to-find items that are perfect for you or as a gift for that special someone. The shop is filled with everything you didn’t realize you needed (but bet you will anyway). It will help fill your dwellings with interesting pieces that invite conversation: Tableware and serving ware, lighting, home accessories, jewellery, tablecloths, cushions, sought-after pieces of furniture and much more. The lovely assortment is Scandinavian inspired and each piece is carefully hand selected with love and care.


Carolines Spielart

My sons are Lego and Playmobil addicts. Nevertheless they regularly wish to visit Carolines Spielart in the old town district where they always find something fun. This unique shop offers a selection of wooden toys, games, books and dolls that is unlike any other store. You will find outstanding products for kids (and people who are kids at heart) that make a difference to those who find appreciation in the authentic: no plastic toys, no merchandising, and no bling bling. Instead, this small, unique toyshop in the heart of Innsbruck offers the best selection of toys to promote learning while adding fun to a child’s play. And you will find the classics of yesteryear…



Wachter’s is the kind of shop you can’t leave without buying something (or maybe without regretting that one thing you didn’t buy). It’s full of beautiful, one-off things you want, from delicate bracelets to handpicked home accessories, handmade scarves, hip cases and bags and much more. The owner carefully chooses the best accessories you can’t live without each season. Justify your purchases by gifting friends and family with souvenirs from the shop.


Der Kinderladen

Exactly the kind of shop I have been missing in Innsbruck. Sort of like the ones, I always visit when I am on a city trip. Well, now here it is: Der Kinderladen on Wiltener Platzl Square. Finally! From high quality, timeless toys to one-off gifts for little ones, from balance bikes to night lamps and vintage-inspired pedal cars, the shop is a popular pit stop on the road to designing a nursery. Another must-stop I can’t leave without buying something…


Papierwerk 32

Papierwerk 32, literally ‘Paperwork 32’, stocks a range of unique stationery, handmade paper products and beautifully designed gift items made of paper—unfortunately, I have never made it there during shopping hours. However, this paper shop looks so promising that it’s definitely next on my must-shop list. Details and photographs will be added soon!


Located on Pfarrgasse Lane in the old town district is another Innsbruck must-stop: feinheiten. This lovely shop is filled with unique ceramics, jewelry, fledgling design clothing, and unique gifts. We have mentioned this one in past blog posts, such as here


Header Picture: © Just White, Bause
Photograph #1: © Docht und Wachs
Photograph #2: © Just White, Bause
Photograph #3: © One
Photograph #4: © Wohnbar
Photograph #5: © Carolines Spielart
Photograph #6: © Wachter’s
Photograph #7: © Der Kinderladen


Fabienne is a passionate ambassador of the Tirol Tourist Board. In her early days, she has travelled the world, wondering why so many people visit Tirol. Today, with her travels having taken her to all corners of the globe, she knows she has found the most beautiful place in the world: Tirol!

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