Red Beet Dumplings Recipe: The Colourful Alternative to Spinach Dumplings.


Since very recently, a box filled with fresh, local vegetables is dropped off at our front door once a week. That’s great and it tastes just great, however, honestly speaking there are sorts of vegetables I didn’t even know they are existing. Let alone, how to cook them. The other day I was looking at all these beetroot (= red beet) with vague plans of eating them for lunch/dinner/as a random morning snack, and I had a lightbulb moment. How good would these be in a dumpling?!


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I have already told you that Spinach Dumplings are always a hit with my boys. Well, red beet dumplings turned out beautifully with their amazing pink colour. Moreover, they contain loads of vitamins and minerals so my kids and I can enjoy healthy nutrients. The only back draw is that my boys are not exactly fond of the colour pink so it takes some imagination in naming (let me tell you that the term ‘princess dumplings’ didn’t sound appealing at all). Anyway, colourful, made of simple ingredients and fun to assemble, red beet dumplings offer a delightful lunch.

Ingredients (Yield: 4 Servings)


For soft and tender dumplings, cook the peeled red beet in water and mash it into puree. If you prefer your dumplings to be firm to the bite (and less colourful), you only need to chop the vegetables after cooking. If you put the red beet into the food processor, you don’t need to precook it.

Enjoy! (c) Tirol Werbung-Julia König

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