Kaunertal Glacier: A Quick Lap through the Terrain Park


With winter around the corner, the snowboard & freeski scene makes the journey into Kaunertal Valley: From October through late May, when the Spring Classics take place, snow heroes leap, carve and stomp landings in some of the most beautiful terrain parks in Tirol, the Kaunertal Snowpark.

He knows all the secret snow spots on Kaunertal Glacier for sweet glorious snow sliding. After all, local pro rider Flo Achenrainer has been showing his amazing skills in the Kaunertal terrain park for six years. Today, the 30-year old pro rider shoots the aerial tricks of other skiers and riders. He gave us a feel of what he considers a perfect terrain park. Here is what he had to say.


From obstacles over techy jib features to endless tables, hips, and rails – true pros are using secret codes like these. But what is it all about?
Like many sports, snowboarding has its own slang terms, some of which have acquired wider currency. More important than using the right words is having the riding skills and stepping up your tricks. That is what it takes to impress.

Honestly speaking: How often did you kiss the snow before you mastered your first trick on the board?
Hundreds of times. There is no school for this. School of hard knocks, I guess. I started snowboarding at the Kaunertal Glacier at the age of six. We’ve come a long way since then and the scene has developed over the years. Obviously, a higher degree of athleticism is needed for snowboarding today. Being in good physical condition makes things much easier and safer on your body and gives you stamina.

Filmeinsatz beim Kaunertal Opening. Foto: Mark von Roy, KTO

Flo Achenrainer shooting at the Kaunertal Opening. Photo Credit: Mark von Roy, KTO

Who is welcome to show off his skills at the Snowpark Kaunertal?
The glacier ski resort has it all, from backcountry over terrain park to wide open slopes. I always tell beginners to start small and work their way up. It’s relatively common to see kids and adults alike going off of jumps or park features that are well above their skill level. A lot of people rock up to a terrain park and don’t know what they’re doing. Just going for it can be a big mistake. Terrain park riding is like any ski or snowboard skill. It’s all about progression.

Deeply shrouded in legend, the Kaunertal Glacier has been the place to be for many, many years—with its jib-jump-and-huckable terrain set aside for boarders and skiers who flock here from around the world. What is it that makes this place so very special?
First, the journey to the Kaunertal Glacier is an experience in itself. The winding road twists and turns its way up through paradise, across a nature park. It feels like you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life here. Riders can simply park their car at the bottom of the slopes and head straight out onto the park. And the conditions are awesome, too. If you’re lucky, you’ll be riding fresh pow in June.


You are a rider as well as a filmmaker. You have shot how the Snowpark Kaunertal has been built. In your opinion, what’s a perfect set up in a terrain park?
The perfect terrain park contains features that are truly for everyone – from surface level features for the beginner who has never been in a terrain park before to challenges for the expert getting ready for the X Games, and everything in between. By creating jumps, jibs and rails for all ability levels, you give riders a way to progress, improve, and advance between the different park levels. A terrain park has to be both, a chilled-out home for beginners and a challenging test for experts… And that’s just what the Kaunertal Snowpark is all about.


Rosanna Battisti’s passion is travel, adventure, and skiing—that’s why she is always eager to go back home for winter.

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