8 Reasons Why You Should Try Cross Country Skiing

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Cross Country Skiing in Obertilliach, Osttirol

As the grandfather of all skiing, the cross country discipline has about the same kudos that your cardigan-wearing grand-pops does; but perhaps we should respect our elders a little more?

For those unfamiliar with the sport, the image of old-age pensioners circling along odd trails on skinny skis is what comes to mind, and in the cool world of winter sports, cross country skiing is lukewarm. So – why would anyone want to bother with this seemingly rather dull sport? Well, in fact, you will see wiry, lean, and toned ‘skin-tight-lycra-clad athletes’ skating narrow trails, next to Mums and Dads with a baby or dog in tow, good looking Nordic ski instructors and the bespoke—and physically fit!!—seniors…

Cross country skiing is never going to have the same rebellious fad factor like that of snowboarding or freestyle skiing, yet those who’ve tried it find themselves drawn back to it time and time again. So why not ditch your “too cool for snow school” attitude and add a new string to your snow cannon by heading for the cross country ski trail—here’s a few good reasons to give Nordic skiing a try:

1. No Queues.

No waiting in lift lines – simply put on your skis and off you go.


2. Peace & Tranquillity.

The sound of cross country skis scraping the snow crystals is at once meditative and energizing and offers up a kind of gratification and alertness that the strongest cup of morning coffee cannot even begin to rival. Get away from the crowds and enjoy the peace and tranquillity on XC skis.

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3. Superb Workout.

Cross country skiing is hard work and a lot more tiring than its downhill brethren; there is no sitting on lifts! It is a full-body workout that builds core strength – and one of the best cardiovascular exercises known!


4. No Rigid Downhill Ski Boots.

The boots are just ankle high, soft and supple. They are almost as comfortable as slippers compared to rigid downhill ski boots, and you won’t resemble Robocop whilst walking around in them.


5. No Messy Helmet Hair.

A helmet isn’t necessary for Nordic skiing, so have fun with hats or headbands that won’t ruin your hairstyle. In general, cross country skiing attire is very fashionable and looks good.


6. It’s Safe.

Apart from falling down onto the snow surface (and fall you will, as a beginner), is substantially less risky than other winter sports activities.

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7. It’s Easy.

In the true sense of the word: Equipment is lightweight and easy to use. What more could you need?

Bei kaum einer anderen Sportart wiegt die Ausrüstung noch weniger als beim Langlaufen. Sehr angenehm.


8. Der Hund darf mit


8. Bring Your Dog.

There are dog friendly cross country ski trails that allow for your four-legged friend to get out and enjoy the snow and sunshine, too!



Whether it’s a lesser-known destination or a random trailside attraction, nature lover Eva Thöni will be there with her camera in tow, eager to share her greatest mountain moments with you.

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Allan Carter

I was hopeless at downhill skiing. I just watched in awe BBC's Ski Sunday showing downhill skiing. Then, when I was the 'wrong' side of 40, a mate invited me to go skiing with him. I was dubious but decided to give it a go as he said that it was Cross Country Skiing. Off we went to Seefeld (in Austria's Tirol). We booked for 3 days of lessons. When Tony said that I should go on an extra day's lesson I plucked up courage. It was an early start, very early, & joined about 60 pupils & about 10 instructors went to near Ehrwald. After an early lunch we followed by the more experienced skiers making a track past the Zugspitze down the Gaistal led by Pepe, which I late found was a BLACK RUN. I liked walking, but realized that I couldn't walk there. More enjoyable XC holidays followed, then following a visit to a cinema in Luzern I entered the EngadinSkimarathon (which I completed). Following a 'little' operation I hope to go back XC skiing this winter. All thanks to Pepe and the instructors at Seeefeld's XC ski school. Allan


Thanks for sharing Allan. So glad to hear you had a great time, hope to see you back in the Tirol region soon!


if your a real skier you race and if you race its not calm safe or slow


Where can you cross country ski near state college, PA

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