“Moosbeernocken”: My Two Favourite Recipes


Bilberries are delicious fruits found growing wild in Tirol on high ground. The season for them is very short and when they ripen in June, we head off to the woods to pick them for dinner. Bilberry fruit pulp is purple, staining the fingers, lips, and tongue when eaten. They are eaten fresh and made into delicious dishes; the most famous one is “Moosbeernocken”, a real Alpine treat!


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Moosbeernocken, Moschbernockn, Schwarzbeernocken, Heidelbeerküchle or Heidelbeertatscherl: It is like bilberries in a pancake-like form, sprinkled with powdered sugar. This mouth-watering dish has many names—and many recipes to prepare it. Here are our two favourite ways of making Moosbeernocken: The classic recipe with egg and a good vegan alternative.

You Can’t Decide?

Vegan Moosbeernocken (pictured to the left) taste a little bit mealy yet fresher–and they are by no means dry. As I use neither egg nor egg substitute to prepare them, they are a bit tricky to turn in the pan and they need more heat than the classic variant. Number one advantage: They stain the lips and tongue much better than the ones prepared with egg ;-)

My boys prefer the classic Moosbeernocken with egg (pictured to the right) as they tend to be more set and easier to eat. Moreover, they are more firm to the bite. However… that thing with the tongue staining is a big point!

The Vegan Moosbeernocken Recipe



Add water in the end to get a firm dough.

The Classic Moosbeernocken Recipe



Enjoy :-)


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