Five Ways to Cool Off by the Water This Summer


Tirol may be landlocked, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great ways to cool off. As the weather heats up, that’s your cue to cool off with aquatic activities, amazing summer cool downs and splash-worthy fun in crystalline Alpine rivers and lakes.

1. Find Your Balance: SUPing

Beginners can learn how to balance and paddle their own stand up paddleboards in the sheltered waters of Lake Pillersee in St. Ulrich. Once you get more advanced, bring your Yoga practice to the outdoor with “SUP’n‘Fun” by Danny and Christine Bulthé. Stand-up paddle boarding is a great new way to get out on the water! You can try it at several lakes throughout Tirol.

Stand up Paddling at Lake Pillersee. (Photo Credit: SUP’n’FUN)

2. Find Your Rhythm: Canoeing

Tirol is home to an abundance of scenic waterways offering wet and wild adventures that range from leisurely floating trips to dramatic rides through raging rapids. Feel the thrill of rushing through surging streams or simply breathe easy with a tranquil float down the Lech River. Experienced outfitters, such as “Fun Rafting” in Häselgehr lead a variety of refreshing adventures. Here you can learn more about Rafting & Kayaking in Tirol .

Refreshing: A paddle on the scenic and pristine Lech River is the best way to spend a summer afternoon. (Photo Credit: Robert Eder)

3. Glide Along the Water: Wakeboarding

Tirol is a mountainous state with no place for wakeboarding you say? Pfft. The “Wake Area” at Area 47, Tirol’s outdoor adventure park is situated at the entrance to Ötztal Valley and will oblige wakeboarders. Ride the rails and hit ramps at this amazing cable park. Be forewarned: This can be addictive! A great place to start is the “Little Bro Wakeboarding Park”. Feel the wind on your face as you glide along the water on a wakeboard.

(Photo Credit: Area 47, Ariano Blanik)

4. Dip Beneath the Surface: Scuba Diving

Imagine descending below the surface of a clear mountain lake to explore the underwater world, with all the beauty of forested and mountainous Tirol awaiting when you surface. Learn to dive at beautiful and crystalline Lake Urisee, complete with diving platforms and docks. Lake Plansee, the second largest lake in Tirol, boasts a special scuba diving area for advanced divers. Refer to the website of Reutte Tourist Board to find out more.

This submerged carved figure provides an underwater adventure in Lake Urisee. (Photo Credit: TVB Lechtal-Reutte)

5. Zip Across the Waters: Boating

For a slower pace, consider a peaceful excursion on a serene Alpine lake, a pine-tree corralled body of water… Relax as your electric boat zips across the waters of a scenic mountain lake, such as Walchsee, for example. Pertisau Boat Rental has you covered for rentals at Achensee, Tirol’s largest lake.

Relaxing: A wonderful boat excursion on Lake Walchsee. (Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung, Frank Bauer)

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