Mountain Adventure at Kitzbühel Area: Scheffau KaiserWelt

Climbing with a View

“I want a sword!”, “I want to go to the airplane!”, “I want to go here every day!” … that is what I heard on our day trip to Kaiserwelt in Scheffau. And I found it great that my project of visiting all cool family attractions in the environs of Kitzbühel is appreciated that much by my kids. And honestly, I have to admit, I like it a lot, too :-)

The Forest Playground

KaiserWelt Castle Wall (c) Julia König

The gondola swept us from Scheffau atop Brandstadlalm in 15 minutes. It’s like a bird’s eye view—in flight and the views are breathtaking (even the kids were impressed, albeit more for height than for mountain vistas…) Up there, at an elevation of 1,650 meters, we were greeted by Kaiserwelt and its castle wall made of wood. Hidden behind is a maze of secret walkways connected by ladders and spiral staircases. My boys were so fascinated by the castle playscape they didn’t even recognize that there were much more play features to discover in its environs. So I felt bored after five minutes (what’s great for a Mom!). One hour later, though, I thought it was time to move on and so I showed them the upcoming highlights of that amazing on-mountain recreation area for families. The airplane swing and the balancing logs both required a helping hand (pushing the swings and holding their hands for balance).

Hiking? Not Today!

KaiserWelt Suspension Bridge (c) Julia König

The kids were kept well entertained on this one-of-a-kind playground in the forest and got from one station to the next. All that jumping on the trampoline, Flying Fox zip lining and suspension bridge crossing made us completely forget about time, and, so delighted on so many levels… Unfortunately, it was a bit late already, and we didn’t have enough time to take the 30-minute walk to Ellmi’s World of Magic . That’s a pity, because it has exhilarating water features and a magical rain forest where kids can climb, explore, splash and play to their heart’s content—which would have been great on such a hot summer’s day. And the shady forest path that leads there is lined by bilberry bushes (also called fenberries or blueberries), which provide a rejuvenating snack.

The Playground at Brandstadl

KaiserWelt VI (c) Julia König

We packed our things together and paused for a rest at Brandstadl Mountain Restaurant. The food is great, they have a fantastic variety of ice creams and my coffee was just delicious! And although it was time for afternoon nap, my little ones simply had no time to sleep. My small one and I found a great place in the dig sandbox while my big one had fun on the sit on pedal tractor. I can understand that being a child here in this imaginative playscape is hilarious fun. And there’s simply no time for a nap here—instead, we headed for the low ropes course and dammed a creek!

The Bottom Line

The Kaiserwelt on-mountain play zone is located under a canopy of trees, making it a perfect destination on a hot summer’s day. It will also be fun here on a cloudy day; just rain will be a killjoy for making the features way too slippery. If you have lots of time, you are recommended to embark on the walk to Ellmi’s World of Magic, a nearby magic mountain playground. On the whole, KaiserWelt is a beautiful and rewarding destination for a fun day out with the kids. It’s a great place to while away a day or a few hours. Plus, Brandstadlalm is the trailhead for a variety of easy, child-friendly walks (one of them leading to picturesque Lake Jochstubensee, an aquatic jewel).

The friendly and experienced staff at “Bastelstube” childcare will provide your little one(s) with fun crafts and tinkering daily from 10:00am to 3:00pm (a small fee applies).

Good to Know

Basically, the trails leading through Kaiserwald Forest are stroller-accessible; however, I would rather leave it outside as the play features are spread all over the forest and it could be kind of exhausting getting back to fetch the stroller all the time.


Kaiserwelt Scheffau | Schwarzach 2, A-6351 Scheffau | +43.5358.8153 | | | Summer Hours of Operation: Daily 09:00am – 5:00pm

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