Elderflower Syrup: My Best Recipe


Elderflower syrup making season is here!  In June, the Elderberries are flowering and there is no better time to be outside harvesting elderflowers. Ahh, the taste of summer. Ice cream, sunbathing, swimming, …  And, of course, elderflower syrup. This refreshing and delicious syrup is a great way to capture in a bottle the essence of summer! Here’s my best elderflower syrup recipe for you.


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(Makes 2.5 litres)


Leave the flowers to macerate for at least three days. When the sugar has completely dissolved and doesn’t sink anymore, it’s drinking time.



Have fun trying out this recipe and CHEERS!

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  • Fenevad
    I prepare this in quantity and would suggest adding one additional step. You can take about 125 grams of your sugar and carmelize it before adding it to the water and mix it it. This gives a richer flavor and aroma.
    • Julia
      ...that sounds delicious, too! I will definitely try this next time - thank you :-)