10 Reasons Why You Should Try Canyoning

Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung/Peter Neusser

Lately I found myself standing on a cliff, tall as a house, looking down into a canyon and wondering, “If anything could go wrong?” Sapphire blue water cascaded down slate grey rocks into a sparkling natural pool, into which I was supposed to leap. “There is always something that can go wrong,” answered my canyoning guide. Glad to hear that. “But I know this place very well and I tell you: If you land there, you will be fine. Just do as I told you. Ready?” the guide shouted over the rush of water. I hesitated, and then jumped… I rushed down the rocks and plunged into a crystal clear pool of water. It was simply awesome. It’s not about daring but about trust is what I learned at canyoning. It’s about managing risk. It’s about feeling excited, nervous, and ultimately the joy of success. It’s about the kind of greatness that brings everyone closer. Here are ten reasons why you should give canyoning a try:

1. Embrace the opportunity to dress up—and feel!—like a super hero.

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2. Meet new people and make new friends for life.

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3. Test your limits.

4. Drink plenty of water fresh from the source.

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5. Step out of your comfort zone as you share this wicked experience together.

6. Show your friends how brave/cool you are.

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7. Shoot your very own action video.

8. Just let yourself go.

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9. Find out where you stand.

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10. Do we always need a reason for what we do?


Slide down waterfalls, leap into crystal clear pools, explore amongst boulders and rocks, abseil and zip line across canyons: Learn more about Canyoning in Tirol.


When he is not working, Michael Gams is out exploring this beautiful country, hiking, mountain biking, freeriding and ski touring to the most beautiful spots in Tirol.

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