Mountain Adventure at Innsbruck Area: Stubaital Valley’s Treehouse Trail


Hiking can be something that is easily bumped from your schedule if inclement weather hits. So what are you going to do? Stay inside because the weather is conspiring against you? Well, perhaps it’s time to add a little variety to your hiking routine. The rule of thumb for a rainy-day hike is: Make it fun! Fortunately, the Treehouse Trail in Stubai Valley’s Schlick2000 is a new family attraction that makes your drizzly-day family hike a fantastic success.

Our kids don’t really like the idea of going on a rainy day ramble. Truth to be told, “not exactly enthralled” is an understatement. They would have preferred spending the day on the couch. But after days of raining, pouring and dumping outside, this is the first day of light rain and I say: “Put on your rain jackets and let’s head out!”

The boys are not exactly thrilled until we reach the mid-mountain terminal of Kreuzjochbahn Gondola, where a friendly woman hands out treasure maps. There is no holding them back now. After all, Bardin, the Dwarf needs their help on his search for the vanished treasure. And as the rain has stopped in the meantime, there’s no need for the jackets anymore so I put them in my bag.

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The first treehouse, the ‘Dwarf Playground’, delights our kids. A series of fun elements, such as suspended bridges, netted tunnels, and a small zip line allow our kids to explore this exhilarating environment on their own terms. It’s hard to prise them out of this wonderful playscape, yet there are four more treehouses to discover.

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A ten-minute walk brings us to the second treehouse. Kids navigate their way through the ‘Dwarf Treasure Chamber’ by means of slides and swings and move from platform to platform amongst the trees. They boys don’t even recognize that ‘true gems’ like fools gold, rock crystals and amethyst can be found here, too. Instead, they prefer to romp about :-)

Ihr seid auf der Suche nach einem Tipp fürs #Wochenende? Wir helfen gerne weiter 😊: In der @schlick2000 wird morgen, Samstag, der neue #Baumhausweg mit einem großen Fest eröffnet. 5 abwechslungsreich gestaltete Baumhäuser, darunter auch jenes unseres Forstamtes auf Grund und Boden der Stadt #Innsbruck, laden zum Spielen, Klettern und Entdecken ein. Los geht’s ab 11 Uhr bei der Mittelstation #Froneben – wir wünschen viel Spaß! #ibkinfo

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A broad forest path takes us to the ‘Dwarf Kitchen’. We pull up to one of the picnic tables to enjoy some snacks… if only our boys would have time to do so. They are busy digging, shovelling and filling the larder to their heart’s content.

Eine Station des Baumhausweges im Stubaital.

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The ‘Dwarf Bedroom’ is my personal favourite – the treehouse is suspended among the branches of conifers and appears to float up in the air. I’d love to ‘hang out’ among the trees in the woods but unfortunately I am too large for it.

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The fifth and last treehouse encourages creative play: The ‘Dwarf Workshop’ invites kids to get creative with diverse natural materials or to play Mikado.

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The Bottom Line

The Treehouse Trail is an adventurous and fun attraction for an afternoon out, especially on not-so-hot summer days. There are no water features along the trail, so it could easily turn into a hot adventure despite the shadow of the trees. If you visit on a hot summer’s day, the three outdoor swimming pools of Stubai Valley are perfect places to cool down.

Special Recommendation

As the Treehouse Trail is no loop trail, you can either retrace your steps from the last treehouse to the mid-mountain terminal or walk down to the valley. Both options are equally long – we opted for the trail that winds down to the base of the gondola and thus saved the money for the gondola downhill ride.


Schlick2000 Ski Resort & Hiking Center | Tschaffinis Umgebung 26 | 6166 Fulpmes | +43.5225.62321 | | | Open daily from 09:00am to 5:00pm during summer season | Tickets start from Euro 8; please refer to their Website for pricing details:

Nearby Family Attractions

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Mountain Adventures for Families

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