15 Signs that Signal Pine for Tirol

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No matter if you were born and raised in Tirol and moved away or if you have visited this mountainous country just recently—it can hit you very hard and all at once… Suddenly it makes you yearn for that beautiful place you didn’t miss until you left—and you know your heart will always stay tied to this amazing country no matter how far your travels take you.

Not sure if you’re suffering from Tirol homesickness?
Here are 15 diagnostic signs that signal pine for Tirol:

  1. You are desperately seeking for the Golden Roof in every town you are.Ort: Innsbruck
  2. You are not singing in the shower – you are yodelling!
  3. On Sundays you are dressed up in Dirndl oder Lederhose, no matter where the day will take you.Ort:
  4. The walls in your home are sticked with posters of Tirol.
  5. You are constantly on the “Tirol Heart of the Alps” Facebook Page.
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  6. You can run up 10 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing (it’s just like summiting the mountain in your Tirol backyard).
  7. If you have to take an elevator though, you close your eyes and imagine yourself riding a gondola up the mountain.
    Ort: Innsbruck
  8. You drive an “all-wheel drive” vehicle to get to work, although you’re living in the lowland.
  9. You have that cow moo ringtone for your mobile phone.
  10. You are completely lost without the mountains. You always know which way is west from the mountains in Tirol. Elsewhere you have literally no sense of direction.
  11. You know every single Tirol signature dish recipe by heart.
  12. You exclusively write text messages in local dialect.
  13. You ask for marmots at the pet shop.
  14. You are on casual first-name terms with anyone, anywhere.
  15. The perfect collar for your dog is a cow bell.

With passion for the detail—and with a twinkle in her eye, Christina Schwemberger takes you on a journey to meet amazing people, visit interesting places, and experience all that Tirol has to offer.

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