Favourite Fall Activities in Tirol


Tirol isn’t always a winter wonderland, you know. Sometimes it’s a summer wonderland. And then there is fall. Autumn unfolds with brilliant bursts of gold, crystalline blue skies, the crisp perfume of fluttering leaves, and trails paved in yellow. Honestly speaking, the seasons are fleeting, so get out now and experience it. Here are some great ways to savour fall in Tirol.

Chopping Wood

This will keep you warm in winter… As the old saying goes, wood warms you three times: Cutting it, stacking it and then finally burning it.

Ready for winter!

Schnapps Distilling

Tirol is first in the nation in distilleries per capita. Each year in autumn, million kilograms of fruit are used to produce hand-crafted schnapps in small batches all across the country. Along the Tirol Schnapps Route you will find a remarkable collection of artisan distilleries to taste finest local spirits and to stock up on your supplies for the upcoming holiday season.

Lechtaler Haussegen Distillery in Elbigenalp

Sunrise Walking

Watching the sun fill the air over a lofty peak with its warming glow is a remarkable spectacle that’s best enjoyed in autumn, when the sun rises later. Climbing a mountain at night with a headlamp to watch one of nature’s best shows from the top of a peak is a most memorable way to start the day!

Swimming in a Mountain Lake

Take that very last dip in one of Tirol’s Alpine Lakes on a warm autumn day. It’s going to be a very quick plunge, but if you are up for the thrill, you’ll earn the chill :). Do you dare?

Friesenbergsee Lake near Finkenberg

Celebrating a Cattle Drive

Each autumn, the herds are rounded up all across Tirol for the great cattle drives. Crowds gather, local people together with holidaymakers, to line the streets of villages throughout Tirol to see fat healthy cattle decked out in garlands of flowers, along with sheep, goats and horses, returning from a summer’s grazing on lush upland pastures.

Cattle drive from Bockbachalm Alpine Pasture to Steeg/Lechtal Valley


While summer isn’t a bad time to hike in the beautiful mountains of Tirol, fall is the best time to take a walk. The air might be brisker and most of the shelters and huts are closed, but there are fewer people on the trails and you’ll have the peaks (almost) to yourself.

View of Fritzen Alm and Frontalalm near Pfons

Glacier Skiing

In fact, you can even ski if you want to. Yep, that’s right – up on one of Tirol’s Glacier Ski Resorts. Especially popular and particularly breathtaking in autumn: Skiing in the morning, followed by hiking or mountain biking in the afternoon.

Making Jams and Preserves

Now is the time to prepare food for the coming winter: Smoked bacon, jams, jellies, pickles.


Seeing white on the mountains sets in motion the notion that winter is just around the corner. Are you one of those who have already started counting down the days to the start of ski season?


Whether it’s a lesser-known destination or a random trailside attraction, nature lover Eva Thöni will be there with her camera in tow, eager to share her greatest mountain moments with you.

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