I Want to Dine Here Again: Jägerwirt Restaurant, Scheffau


I like flavour-packed, natural dishes, I like it simple and I like people who are passionate about what they do. Here’s a place where I found all this and more:

Possessing a stunning lookout position high above the village center of Scheffau, you will find Jägerwirt Restaurant a short drive up a narrow and winding forest road. The sunny and peaceful location and the isolation allows for a backwoods feel, which makes it a haven for foodies in search of peace and silence. A typical Tirolean-style home that blends in with the surroundings and that is towered by the lofty peaks of Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range. Quite unassuming, actually.

Jägerwirt Restaurant is towered by the lofty peaks of Wilder Kaiser Range. A majestic location…

Upon entering the restaurant, it’s a completely different story. First, you gaze at the rich décor, the red carpet and the antlers on the wall. As soon as you are welcomed by the friendly staff of the Jägerwirt, you cannot help but feel at home. The service is personalized and impeccable and you hope that it will go on like this.

Here, diners are spoiled for choice with the daily changing menu of local delicacies.

And, yes, fortunately it does. No matter whether you opt for fresh char, for rosy roasted deer fillet or another specialty from the menu: The Jägerwirt offers a genuine dining experience of hearty, comforting dishes with the freshest, locally sourced ingredients—and without commonly used flavour enhancers, additives or preservatives. When you’re craving a little taste of home, turn to Andreas Salvenmoser and Martin Schipflinger for flavour-packed delights.

Roasted char, fresh and locally sourced …

… and wonderful deer fillet with a golden touch for venison lovers.

The two young owners love to experiment and to put a culinary spin on traditional staples. Their innovative style of cooking uses fresh and local ingredients and an inventive twist on international cuisine. The result is a spectacular menu of dishes you won’t soon forget. For example, a delicious blend of flavours and ingredients come together to create their Sweet and Sour Sauce, which is cooked for two days before it is used to lather, coat and dip finest high quality meat from the Kitzbühel butcher’s shop. A thrilling experience, as Chef Andreas Salvenmoser puts it.

Andreas Salvenmoser is the Chef at Jägerwirt.

Of course, they also serve Tirolean staples, like a decent goulash or “Käsespätzle” (literally ‘little cheese sparrows’, these are a kind of soft egg noodle or dumpling mixed with grated cheese, oven-baked and sprinkled with fried onion). And a hearty beef broth that is cooked without any additives or preservatives is a savoury delight for many regular diners at Jägerwirt. Especially older people appreciate this home-cooked- style food, says Martin Schipflinger. How wonderful they can always rely on the Jägerwirt for satisfying soups and dishes!

Martin Schipflinger is responsible for the impeccable and personalized and impeccable service at Jägerwirt.

The Jägerwirt Restaurant enjoys a reputation for their passionate style of adorable home cooking and for excellence in service and genuine hospitality. Recently, Andreas and Martin welcomed Tina Turner to their place, who went there by recommendation and enjoyed their daily specials. However, the Jägerwirt does not want to be a posh and fancy place for celebrities, says Martin Salvenmoser.

The sunny outdoor patio is a wonderful place to enjoy culinary delicacies – at all times of the year.

Instead, they want to make anyone feel like a VIP. Thus, they treat their famous clientele as normal guests, including chief executives of multinationals and actors. Their concept is an approachable, casual and natural neighborhood restaurant, but that doesn’t mean they are any less thoughtful about hospitality. It’s relaxed, yet really professional. And amazing.

When in Tirol, do as the Tiroleans do and round out your dinner with a fine schnapps.

As Martin and Andreas never run out of ideas, they opened a tiny delicatessen shop in the heart of Scheffau three years ago. This is where they offer finest homemade food like crisp farmers’ bread and cured specialty sausages along with quality produce from handpicked suppliers: Soft and creamy Camembert cheese from Hopfgarten, tea from Germany’s Hamburg and Jägerwirt chocolates  (the latter are a must-taste! They take a creative approach to chocolate and are manufactured by a Chocolatier in East Tirol). Moreover, the two innkeepers and shop owners recently opened a new Bar inside a 400-year old farmhouse in Scheffau. But that’s a different story.

In the heart of Scheffau is a small grocery store that will have you squeaking over its delicious produce.

The attention to detail and the charming presentation at the tiny grocery store is remarkable. Moreover, it’s a wonderful place to meet and have a chat.

The Jägerwirt chocolates are a must-taste! They take a creative approach to chocolate and are manufactured by a Chocolatier in East Tirol.

This wonderful Camembert is a moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow’s milk cheese that is produced in small batches at the “Milchbuben” Artisan Cheese Dairy in Hopfgarten.

The Details:

The Jägerwirt Restaurant in Scheffau is open year-round; please refer to their Website for hours of operation and more details. Read my Blog for more of my favourite Wilder Kaiser hotels and restaurants.


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