Up Into the Tree Tops: The X-Trees Aerial Forest Park in Serfaus


Actually I have fear of heights. Actually. But then I went on a trip to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Region with my boys and of course they recognized the high ropes course at the entrance to Serfaus at first sight. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming and I had no other choice than to work my way from one platform to the other along this aerial forest park. For one hour. At the longest!

Our adventure starts early in the morning and we meet our climbing instructor for safety orientation at 9:00am. He teaches us about the park’s safety belay system and about the different courses. Honestly speaking, I am quite relieved that my little one may only climb the blue courses, but not the red ones (as he is only 112 centimeters tall). As I am on my own with two kids, I ask myself (and the instructor) quite desperately how this will work. The climbing instructor is totally relaxed that everything will be fine and sends us off onto Plansegg Course. I’d love to have his confidence.

It’s not only that I am afraid of crossing bridges, climbing ladders, and zooming across zip lines high in the forest… I must accompany my two boys on the courses and I think about how I will make it. Should I take the lead, should I move in between them or should I bring up the rear? While I am still thinking how to figure it out, my little one urges me to start with the course. Thus I attach my carabiner to the safety system and then I spot my big one, who is already two elements ahead. On his own. The platforms feature small stools for little ones to step on in order to reach the safety cables.

The X-Trees Adventure Park employs an innovative Smart Safety Belay system, a permanently-activated securing system where you’re always hooked up to safety anchors, even when switching courses. The only requirement is that you always attach one of your carabineers to the safety cables upon entering a course. This “always locked on” climbing system utilizes two interlocking carabineers and virtually eliminates the potential of a climber becoming detached from a safety line while in the trees.

Thus I can let my big one move ahead and care for my little one. And for myself. Although I know that nothing can go wrong, in theory, I really feel dizzy whenever I look down. So I focus my eyes straight ahead and keep my gaze on what is in front of me, trying hard to not let my boys feel my fear.

Swinging walks and ladders, aerial toboggans, rope swings and hanging wooden blocks at a height that feels like 10 meters off the ground to me: The kids travel from tree-to-tree and navigate a variety of obstacles very easily and I don’t have time to look down as my little one needs a helping hand every now and then and my big one demands us to hurry up as he doesn’t like to wait on us. About twenty minutes later, we have mastered the first course with a big reward at the apex, the Flying Fox zip line. With my feet back on the ground, I realise that this treetop adventure was really fun!

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We challenge ourselves with the next course. As Serfaus is one of the leading ski destinations in the European Alps, the first obstacle on this course is a winter-themed element, two skis mounted on wires. “Bah! That’s easy! I am a good skier,” I think to myself. Well, you know what they say: Pride goes before a fall. After a mere two meters, I stumble and end up hanging in the harness, which is a rather humiliating experience. I guess I would not have won prizes for style. Ironically, this fall seems to decrease my fear and, instead, I rise to the challenge.

I begin to have fun with the challenges and the height above the ground is not my main focus anymore. Although I hold so tight to the ropes that my muscles will definitely be sore tomorrow… Without the fear factor, the treetop courses are packed with challenge and exhilaration—and I don’t spend a minute of thinking about my self-imposed ‘time limit’ (One hour. At the longest!) We explore the forest through the network of bridges, boardwalks and platforms suspended in the trees and I am proud. I am not only proud of myself, for overcoming my fear, I am also very proud of my sons who conquered the obstacles with confidence and with the greatest of ease. Today, I have learned a lesson from them: The worst thing is being afraid of fear itself.

Eventually, I need a break and take some time off with my small son, while my big one embarks on a blue course on his own. As the park begins to empty, I consult my watch and find out: Our planned hour has turned into a day-long experience. Well, you know what they say – time flies when you’re having fun! I guess that is what they call ‘quality time’ ;-))!

The Bottom Line

X-Trees in Serfaus is an aerial forest ropes park consisting of an array of platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood, and rope to form bridges and zip lines. Groups of these obstacles or elements link together to form separate trails through the trees. The park consists of twelve courses of four different levels of difficulty for every member of the family. At X-Trees, aerial adventures and zip lines transform a casual nature day into unforgettable and safe outdoor recreation.

One of my personal highlights is the fact, that one adult can accompany two children on the courses at the X-Trees Aerial Forest Park—which enabled me to share this treetop adventure with my sons.

Good to Know

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A bungee trampoline is located in the X-Trees Park as well. And while your little ones defy gravity, you can retire to the adjacent outdoor deck and watch the fun and frolics from there.

Food & Drink

The Park operates a Snack Machine on site which sells beverages, chocolate bars and popcorn. If you plan to spend the whole day in the park, you are recommended to bring packed lunches.


Waldseilpark X-Trees | Föhrenwald/Platöll | 6534 Serfaus | +43.5476.6202-330 | www.x-trees.at | info@x-trees.at | Park Hours: June through October


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