Five Epic Singletrack Trails


Like many sports, mountain biking has its own terms. Single track, for example, describes a type of mountain biking trail that is approximately the width of the bike – the narrow, snaking trails where rides get fast and fun. It is often smooth and flowing, but may also feature technical rocky sections, go over tree roots, and include berms, banked turns, switch-backs, hills, drops, jumps, and so forth. The relative technical difficulty of singletrack trails is categorized from S0 for easy to S5 for expert. These five “Great Trails” are amazingly flowy slices of dirt that will leave discerning riders smiling ear to ear.

1. Cross-Border Commuter at Reschensee Lake

Plamort Trail, Nauders

A classic must do epic mountain bike ride in Nauders, the 5.5-kilometer long Plamort Trail is also used in the 3-Countries-Enduro Race. On its way across the picture-postcard upland plateau of Plamort, the track passes historic air-raid shelters and crosses the border into Italy’s South Tyrol. It’s an amazing singletrack that snakes through Alpine pastures and across rooty and gnarly forest, with awesome flowy sections and killer views of Reschensee Lake and the surrounding mountains. Rated S1 to S2, the fast and flowy descent from Bergkastel Mountain to Reschensee Lake is divided into four sections.

2. Panoramic Alpine Views

Leiterberg Trail, Sölden

Located high above the village area of Leite, Leiterberg Trail starts off quite tame, but don’t be fooled. Having gathered new strength with a rest stop at Leiterbergalm Alpine Pasture Hut, the 3.8-kilometer singletrack becomes pretty demanding. Roots, rocks and some flowy sections are the order of the day. With tricky tight bends in its lower section, this technical ride is not for the faint of heart. If you are the type who loves challenging trails, then this S2 categorized ride is one that you will want to notch into your list of epic rides. However, the difficult sections are optional so novices are not forced to ride a feature.

3. Roller Coaster High Above Town

Arzler Alm Trail, Innsbruck

With some banked berms, some serious roots and some smaller jumps and drops, the 3-kilometer long Arzler Alm Trail satisfies every gravity hog’s hunger. Built to accommodate advanced skill levels of riders, the track features a difficulty rating of S2. Strongly recommended: Arzler Alm, which gave the name its trail, makes for a great place to stop and refuel over hearty delicacies.

4. Natural Beauty with a Refreshing Plunge

Blindsee Trail, Lermoos

Linking Grubigstein Mountain to Blindsee Lake, scenic Blindsee Trail is the highlight of Tirol Zugspitz Arena—and a must-do ride for technically advanced cyclists. This wonderful, 7-kilometer natural strip of singletrack showcases only the best aspects of the sport: all natural features, a gravel section, tight and technical singletrack and stunning views of turquoise Blindsee Lake below—which awaits for a refreshing plunge at the end of the ride. Difficulty is categorized from S2 to S3. Riding Grubigsteinbahnen Gondolas up the hill takes the pain out of the climb.

5. Endurance Test in the Kitzbühel Alps

Fleckalm Trail, Kirchberg

At 7.7 kilometers, Fleckalm Trail is among the longest singletrack trails in Tirol. This fun downhill singletrack snakes its way down through forest at the heart of the Kitzbühel Alps, dropping 1,000 meters into the valley. Categorized between S2 and S3, this amazing trail offers everything from rooted sections and jumps to banked turns, short climbs and fast and flowy descents. In 2015, Fleckalm Trail hosted world-class bike action during the 1st European Enduro Mountain Bike Series.

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