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Naturally, any summer family foray in Tirol must begin with a gondola ride as the ski resorts of Tirol are transformed into hubs for family fun during the warmer months. Here are five on-mountain adventure zones that will put kids over the moon when they hit the ski resorts in summer.


1. Triassic Park in Waidring

Take a different look at the earth’s prehistoric life at the Triassic Park, where petrified corals and fossils tell a story of Tirol’s past. The enormity of fossils in Steinplatte area can be credited to the fact that today’s 1,869-meter peak was once buried by Tethys, the primeval sea. After the gondola ride to the top, 1,600 meters above sea level, kids can marvel over the facility’s educational and awe-worthy dinosaur casts, real dinosaur fossils, interactive displays and hands-on exhibits. Outside, animatronic dinosaurs and an awesome theme-related playground round out the experience. Outfitted with chisels and hammers, kids are allowed to split as many slabs and stones as they want (officially digging for fossils, of course) and learn about the Triassic period. The Triassic Trail features interpretive displays along a loop trail that tell you about the excavation and fossils discovered in the area, as well as point out petrified corals.

2. Hög Adventure Park in Serfaus

Looking for a freshwater swim high on the mountain? Take the gondola to the beautiful mountainside reservoir at Hög Adventure Park, 1,800 meters above sea level. Serving as a water storage reservoir for snowmaking purposes in the winter, Högsee Lake is a popular family destination for soaking, sliding, splashing water fun in the summer! When you’re not cooling off in this aquatic jewel, check out the collection of boats skimming across the water (canoe and pedal boat rentals are available). For tiny tots, there’s a designated area with ankle deep water to splash about. For bigger ones, there are interactive play terminals, including a wooden ball track, a cowpat-style trampoline and a giant milk churn.


3. Hochzeiger Stone Pine Park

Known as the “Queen of the Alps”, the hardy species of Swiss Stone Pine grows at the upper limits of the forests and yields a resinous exudate that is said to have constitutional and calming properties. Some of the most beautiful old-growth stands of this slow-growing tree are to be found at Hochzeiger Mountain in Pitztal Valley—and now you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about this gnarled tree at the Stone Pine Park. The exhilarating loop trail offers interactive stations to pique the interest of children and adults, and to play and relax. Top crowd pleaser is the tall Stone Pine Cone Tower with its 16-meter tunnel slide. Naturally, all play features here are made of Swiss stone pine.

4. Nordkette Mountain Range in Innsbruck

One of the great things about Innsbruck is that almost every corner you turn affords spectacular views of lofty Nordkette Range, the city’s natural skyscrapers. Stroll across the lovely and vibrant Old Town District and find yourself at an elevation of 1,905 meters above sea level only 30 minutes later: Nordkettenbahn Gondola speeds you from the heart of town up the mountain atop Seegrube. And will leave you breathless as you take in the awesome panoramic views of Innsbruck. Preferably from the new climbing terrain, the Hafelekar climbing path. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, take advantage of the opportunity to ride the zipline. Experience the sensation of flying, as you soar down the mountainside on a suspended cable before reaching the outdoor deck of Seegrube Restaurant. And those views!

5. Ellmi’s World of Magic

Ellmi’s World of Magic is a place where kids (and adults) of all ages will find something exhilarating to do. It’s fun for the whole family! At the top of Hartkaiserbahn Gondola, at an elevation of 1,555 meters, kids are transported to the magical world of Frog Ellmi, which is filled with elves, fairies and gnomes. The magic mountain playground features a carving hut, a petting zoo, climbing structures, exhilarating water features and a magical rain forest where kids can climb, explore, splash and play to their heart’s content.

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