Family winter holiday through a photographer’s lens

Foto: Casey Moore

New Zealand native Casey Moore lives in East Sussex, England, where he works as a photographer. The following series of photos were all shot during a family holiday in Hochgurgl and Serfaus.

Casey Moore: In April 2018 I travelled to Tirol with my wife Claire (an Australian) and our three kids Luca, Willow and Ren (aged nine, eight and three). This was the second time the family had gone skiing but it was the first time I was going to have our youngest boy Ren (three years old) between my legs. There were times during the first couple of days when I thought I wasn’t going to have the strength in my legs and back! I needed some time to get my skiing muscles and fitness at altitude. Luckily, 2018 was the most extraordinary late season skiing that I can ever remember. The conditions were just perfect with lots of sunshine and plenty of fresh snow, we were treated to the perfect family holiday.

The skiing area at Hochgurgl is really easy to access and as well as lots of skiing as a family we twice managed to get everyone to the very top at the 3.080 meter Mountain Star. It is an incredible view from there and something we will remember for a very long time. I took the time to visit this spot again for sunrise and shoot a new art project with my large-format film camera. I will share these images in a new post early in the new year.

Skiing with a three year old was challenging but so much fun. At times I could hear Ren singing or just chatting to himself while we were skiing down which let me know that he was happy and relaxed about being on the mountain. On two occasions he even fell asleep mid run! I had to finish by skiing down to the restaurant carrying him in my arms.

After four or five days skiing in Hochgurgl we relocated to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis which was about an hour and a half drive away. The range of activities on offer in Serfaus for kids is really special. After a full day skiing, and some cake or biscuits in the hotel, they still had energy for indoor rock climbing, swimming and table football.

Although I grew up in the Alps as a kid, I have lived mainly in London as an adult. As a result I haven’t been skiing very often. But these last two years in Tirol with the family has reawakened a sense of wonder and made me realise that my first love was mountains. I feel extremely lucky that I have the opportunity to share that love with my family.



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