The Top 10 Places in Tirol to Visit in 2019

View of Schlegeis Reservoir from Olperer Hut, Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung

Amazing views, the fluffiest “Kaiserschmarren” ever and a place to connect with nature and yourself… handpicked by our blog authors, the best places to visit in Tirol have something special to offer every visitor. If you’re one of the fortunate who’ll be traveling to Tirol in 2019, consider some of these very best places during your visit.

1. A Fair Vantage Point: Kellerjoch Peak in Schwaz

I definitely have to check Kellerjoch Peak near Schwaz off my bucket list in 2019 again. The summit of Kellerjoch is among the most stunning views you’ll find in Tirol and the perfect destination for amazing natural beauty. High above Inntal Valley, this 360-degree vantage provides stunning views over most of the country. Conveniently, the tour can be adapted to your skills and abilities – from a surprisingly easy and family-friendly walk with lift-access from Hecherhaus Lodge to a real Alpine trek that includes ridge crossings and peak bagging. Lodging & dining recommendation: Kellerjoch Hut. A special experience, creating memories that will stay with you forever, is to bask in the magical atmosphere of a Sunrise or Sunset Tour of Kellerjoch Peak. – Ingrid Schneider

Kellerjoch Peak in Schwaz, Photo Credit: Tirol Werbung

2. There’s No Place Like Home: Innsbruck

Have you ever walked around your own hometown as if you were a tourist? I’ve read a few blogs on that topic recently – articles that suggest to explore your own city and discover some hidden gems you didn’t even know they existed so close to home… That’s why I decided to switch up my everyday routine and try something new last autumn: Together with my boyfriend I spent two nights at Stage 12 at the heart of Innsbruck. This Hotel opened its doors at the end of 2017 on Maria-Theresien-Street, Innsbruck’s lively main artery. I had been to their stylish bar on various occasions, like after work drinks and I really liked it. On our room at Stage 12 I found my personal highlight: The spectacular views of lofty Nordkette Range, the city’s natural skyscrapers, from the bed! Well, I can see this rugged mountain range from my flat, too, but this amazing view really took my breath away. My favourite coffee bar, Max Standard, is just around the corner from Stage 12, which speeded up my morning cappuccino routine. We even took a sightseeing tour of Innsbruck’s historic old town district: We climbed the 148 steps that lead to the top of the City Tower and joined a guided tour of Court Church. This two day break pushed us taking roads and corners we’ve never taken before. Seeing new and beautiful things I never realized were there made me see “my city” in a new light. – Ines Mayerl

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3. A True Wilderness Experience: Tunnelweg Trail across Sulztal Valley

Elsewhere they would market this route as one of the most spectacular trails in the country, I thought to myself on my way up from Stockach to Sulzalpe Alpine Pasture Hut. A marvel of engineering, the rough gravel road was blasted into ledges by the Alpine Pasture Association in the 1950s to access the Alpine pasture hut. The real attractions of this hike are the dark, dramatic and mysterious tunnels to walk through—made all the more impressive by a wilderness-worthy setting. Every now and then, this little-known gem of a hike grants sweeping views of scenic Lechtal Valley. It’s an exhilarating trek through tunnels and isolated and remote areas with no cell phone reception. Having enjoyed some butter milk at Sulzalpe Alpine Pasture Hut, we continued our trek to Simms Hut. The hut is tucked beneath a towering mountain, 2,895-meter Holzgau Wetterspitze Summit, which is one of the loftiest peaks of the Lechtal Alps—and which we bagged the next day. – Christian Klingler

View from Tunnelweg Trail, Photo Credit: Christian Klingler

4. The Fluffiest Staple of Austrian Cuisine: “Kaiserschmarren” at Zottahof

Zottahof Inn in Alpbach serves the best, fluffiest Kaiserschmarren near and far and their recipe has been top secret for generations! An icon of Austrian cuisine, Kaiserschmarren is a fluffy pancake dessert, which is not shredded here at Zottahof but served as a whole, giant pancake instead—large enough to feed a small family! Lying at an elevation of 1,200 meters, the rustic interiors add to the unique ambiance of Zottahof. Most products are farm to table, such as bacon and milk. The beautiful patio displays uninterrupted views over Alpbachtal Valley and the quaint farmer’s parlour indoors is the ideal place to unwind, socialize and imbibe on a rainy day. – Klaus Brunner

“Kaiserschmarren” served at Zottahof, Photo Credit: Klaus Brunner

5. Idyllic Chocolate-Box Scenery: Schmirntal Valley

Tucked away in Schmirntal Valley, the little community of St. Jodok offers plenty of charms and jaw-dropping chocolate box scenery. The isolated valley’s placid beauty has verdant meadows curving down from the high peaks on either side of the valley. A good choice for solitude, the journey continues to Toldern. The surrounding valley walls grow tighter, the scenery more dramatic. I venture to an area of awesome natural beauty, babbling brooks and old-growth forest, where sheer walls of summits are very striking and where the deer and the mountain goats play in fall. This definitely is a place where life does not move pretty fast. It comes as no surprise that the valley’s one and only supermarket closes down for lunch for three hours each day. Blissfully not featured in guidebooks, this pristine valley is a remote, Alpine wilderness area that sits on foot of Olperer Mountain, 40 minutes by car from Tirol’s capital Innsbruck and 10 minutes from the busy Brenner Autobahn. If you want to access unspoiled natural mountain terrain in autumn 2019, you are strongly recommended to head to Schmirntal Valley. Find the antidote for your digital overload at a tantalizingly low-tech Schmirntal getaway, where unplugging is the surest way to recharge your battery: Spend the night at Thumeserhof Farm, take a walk around Ramsgrubner See Lake and enjoy traditional fare at Alpengasthof Kasern. – Jannis Braun

Herdsman Hut in Wildlahnertal Valley near Toldern, Photo Credit: Jannis Braun

6. The Place to Connect with Nature: Kaiserklamm Gorge in Brandberg

Scenic Kaiserklamm Gorge in Brandenberg is my place to connect with nature and myself. This spectacular natural sight with its weathered crags and pinnacles is a wonderful destination at all times of the year. The narrow chasm was incised into the rock by the cascading waters of Brandenberger Ache. The walkway high above the rushing torrents of the river offers spectacular views and retains a wild, rugged natural beauty. I always ride my bike to Kaiserhaus Lodge, walk into the gorge and round out my trip with a leap into the frigid waters of the “Ache”—this is my idea of a perfect day out! – Michael Walzer

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7. A Hiker’s Gem: Ginzling in Zillertal Valley

While they may be petite in population, Tirol’s small villages ooze with character and offer activities and attractions that invite travellers to venture beyond the typical tourist trail. One of these charmers I can’t resist to add to my itinerary every now and then is Ginzling in Zillertal Valley. Riding your car along Zillertal Straße Road from Mayrhofen you’ll pass through a somewhat spooky, one-way tunnel. At the end of this tunnel, you will suddenly find yourself in a world almost as far removed as you can get from the valley below. The high valley is narrow up here in the beginning and at your right hand side you will find Gasthaus Karlsteg Inn. It may not look like much at first glance with its location cupped in a jagged and small cirque, but you’ll discover a gem. I would NEVER want to stay and dine anywhere else. Their venison dishes are to die for, the atmosphere is casual and laid-back and the welcome is warm and inviting. During the summer, Ginzling offers all sorts of outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking along the gorgeous Berlin High Trail. This is a must-do high Alpine long-distance walk right through the heart of the extraordinary Zillertal Alps and I have spent many weekends exploring it. I don’t have a favourite segment, though – this trail always makes me coming back for more. New treks are on my bucket list for 2019. – Eckard Speckbacher

Olperer Hut along the Berlin High Trail with view of Schlegeis Reservoir, Photo Credit: Eckard Speckbacher

8. Quaint & Cozy: Rotmoosalm Alpine Pasture Hut in Gaistal Valley

A must-do on my annual bucket list of hikes is Rotmoosalm Alpine Pasture Hut in Gaistal Valley. This quaint cabin is placed in improbably gorgeous scenery at an elevation of 2,030 meters. Depending on the selected access route, it takes some two to three hours to get to this inviting Alpine pasture hut from Salzbach car park in Leutasch. My preferred route follows Jägersteig (literally ‘hunter’s path’) past babbling creeks and ponds, along rooty trails and through lush and verdant Alpine pastures. The efforts of the climb are highly rewarded on the lovely outdoor patio of Rotmoosalm Alpine Pasture Hut where you can bask in the glorious views of Leutasch Valley and striking, horizon-dominating Hohe Munde Peak. When it comes to gathering new strength, my recommendation goes to the mouth-watering cheese dumplings, prepared by hut keeper Gabi herself. If you’re feeling energetic, you may want to nab the 2,234-meter pinnacle of Predigtstuhl Peak for that breathtaking, top-of-the-world wow-factor. To me, this is one of the most rewarding treks in Wetterstein Range. – Martina Nairz

Rotmoosalm Alpine Pasture Hut, Photo Credit: Martina Nairz

9. One of Tirol’s Best-Kept Secrets: Breiteggspitze Peak

Although it can get crowded on the peaks of the Kitzbühel Alps on winter weekends, there is plenty of room for seclusion on Breiteggspitze Peak in Wildschönau. Ditch the crowds by taking this off-the-beaten-path hike to the 1,868-meter summit of a wonderful wintertime ski touring destination—and one of the country’s best kept secrets! While the hordes gain neighbouring (and much-visited) Feldalphorn Peak, sneak up on them when you reach the top of Breiteggspitze Peak and enjoy the view—you’re likely to have it to yourself. This easy-access half day tour is perfect if you want to get away from it all. A 1.5 hour trip from the trailhead at Schönanger Alm Alpine Pasture Hut in Wildschönau, the 700-vertical meter climb hosts intrepid backcountry skiers and solitude seekers—and delivers superior powder stashes on your way down if you are lucky. Please note: Have past experience with travel in avalanche terrain before venturing out. Check avalanche and weather conditions and carry proper gear, including transceiver, portable shovel and probe pole. An avalanche airbag pack is strongly recommended! – Mathea Holaus

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10. In Our Backyard: Patscherkofel Mountain

It’s always a mixed feeling in fall. Am I excited about winter or lamenting the end of summer? Well, as soon as the first snowflakes begin to blanket the ground, it’s the start of a joyous season for me and my boys. We get up early on the weekends to be among the first to hit the slopes at Patscherkofel, the mountain in our backyard. To me, nothing compares to that feeling of freedom I experience when floating over fresh snow and feeling the crisp air in my face. This makes me shouting for joy with my kids. And that feeling that we have earned that hot cocoa  at Patscheralm while enjoying stunning views over Stubai and Inntal Valleys, all blanketed in snow. There’s no better way to start the day! – Julia König

View from Patscher Alm Alpine Pasture Hut, Photo Credit: Julia König


Tirol native Theresa Schuler is a creative mountain adventurer who loves to share her culinary secrets and the latest trends (ok, maybe she keeps a few to herself).

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