Breathe Easy: Nine Pollen-Free Places in Tirol Above 1,500 Metres

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As the days get warmer, pollen levels are also on the rise. Hay-fever sufferers will be pleased to know that there are lots of places in the mountains of Tirol where they can enjoy a symptom-free summer holiday thanks to the clean alpine air.

At altitudes above 2,000 metres the concentration of pollen in the air is significantly lower than in the valley. Here, high above the pastures and meadows, grasses flower for just two weeks a year. Visitors allergic to dust will also appreciate the clean air at higher altitudes. Above 1,500 metres there are hardly any dust mites, while at 1,800 metres and higher it is impossible for them to survive. We have put together are a few tips on the best places in Tirol to enjoy an allergy-free holiday in summer. All are fine bases for walking, hiking, relaxing and simply getting away from it all for a few days with a bit of a digital detox.

1. Kühtai

Altitude: 2.017 metres

Kühtai Sommer Ort

2. Obergurgl

Altitude: 1,907 metres

Obergurgl Sommer Ort

3. Vent (Ötztal Valley)

Altitude: 1,900 metres

Vent Sommer Ort

4. St. Christoph am Arlberg

Altitude: 1,765 metres

5. Gries im Sulztal (Ötztal Valley)

Altitude: 1,569 metres

Gries im Sulztal Sommer Ort

6. Galtür (Paznauntal Valley)

Altitude: 1,548 metres

Ort: Paznaun - Ischgl

7. Niederthai (Ötztal Valley)

Altitude: 1,540 metres

Niederthai im Morgenlicht, Oetztal, Tirol, Oesterreich.

8. Kaisers (Lechtal Valley)

Altitude: 1,518 metres

Photo: Naturparkregion Lechtal 

9. St. Sigmund im Sellraintal

Altitude: 1,513 metres

Photo: Innsbruck Tourismus / Tom Bause


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