Ten Christmas Presents from Tirol

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Still haven’t got your Christmas shopping done? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few top tips for you! We have put together some of the best present ideas from Tirol catering for all tastes, interests and budgets.


Who can resist a bar of handmade artisan chocolate from Tirol? We recommend the delicious Tiroler Edle or Pichler chocolate. Both are made in the region and feature all manner of weird and wonderful flavours.

Pichler Schokolade


Schnapps and liqueurs are typical of Tirol. However, did you know that the region is also home to producers of prize-winning whiskeys such as Manfred Höck from the village of Schwoich? Or how about an aromatic and fruity gin made from old bread? “Herr Friedrich Gin” is available in every M-Preis supermarket in Tirol. The perfect present to minimise food waste and at the same time get the Christmas party started!


There is nothing quite like an authentic pair of Doggln from the Zillertal Valley to keep your feet warm on cold winter days. The best way to describe this traditional Tirolean footwear is as a pair of robust and warm slippers made from felt, merino wool and Loden, a hard-wearing material also used for jackets and hats. Doggln are now coming back into fashion in Tirol. One of the top producers of Doggln in Tirol, the Hartl family, even managed to get theirs onto the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

Pinewood hip flask

Whisky, gin and schnapps are a good way to warm up from the inside on cold winter days – at least that’s what we’ve been told! The most stylish way to carry your spirits is in a pinewood hip flask. Made using pine from the region, probably the most iconic and widespread tree in the Alps, these handy pocked-size flasks are an eye-catching alternative to the standard steel flasks you may be more familiar with. Pine is a very versatile wood, which is why you will find lots of products in Tirol made using it, such as chopping boards and even hand-sewn cushions filled with sweet-smelling pinewood shavings.

Zirben Flachmann Tirol Shop


A handmade wooden toboggan from Tirol is a present which will give the recipient many years of pleasure. However, a word of warning: you won’t find them in your nearest sports superstore. The best way to be sure of getting a genuine Tirolean original is by going to straight the factory. Some of the most well-known and respected toboggan makers are Kathrein in Prutz, Gasser in Mühlbachl and Gallzeiner Rodeln in the village of Buch near Jenbach.

Sortiment von Rodel Kathrein in Prutz

Eye-catching tree decorations

There are Christmas tree decorations – and then there are Christmas tree decorations! A hand-blown glass bauble decorated with fine engravings is definitely the latter. This one is part of the Silent Night collection by Kisslinger in Rattenberg and is a fine example of this centuries-old tradition.

Custom-made skis

In search of the perfect present for a ski-crazy partner? There really is nothing better than a voucher for a make-your-own-skis workshop. The company SPURart helps wintersports enthusiasts realise their lifelong dream of creating their very own custom skis or snowboard with an elegant wooden finish. Baguette Boards in Innsbruck also offers made-to-measure snowboards.

Snow Card Tirol

What’s the good in having the perfect pair of custom skis if you don’t have the rigth lift pass to go with it!? The Snow Card Tirol gives holders access to the world’s largest network of ski resorts. All in all it covers an incredible 92 ski areas served by 1,100 lifts and cable cars. The pass is valid all winter – 227 days to be precise.

Warm blanket

After a long day on the slopes, there is no better way to relax in the evening than by cuddling up under a warm blanket. This cotton throw is ideal for binge-watching your favourite box set in winter or staying warm on the terrace in summer once the sun has gone down. It is made in Austria from mainly recycled materials.

Mountain break

How about spending the night on the edge of a cliff, in an igloo or overlooking Austria’s highest mountin? Tirol is home to some of the most spectacular accommodation options anywhere in the Alps. Perfect for a romantic getaway with a difference!


Having worked overseas for years, Klaus Brunner came back home to explore Tirol with camera and microphone in tow. Home is where your heart is.

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