100 Things We Can’t Wait To Do Again

Last updated 12.05.2020Pauline KrätzigPauline Krätzig

Is there really a life beyond video conferencing, Netflix binges and evenings in cooking the same old dish for the 112th time? We certainly hope so! Right now nobody quite knows if and when we will be able to enjoy all our favourite things again this summer, but there’s certainly plenty of items pencilled in on our to-do list. Here are 100 top ideas for your next trip to Tirol.

1. Take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath of fresh mountain air.

2. Finally go hiking wearing all that gear bought online.

3. Climb one of your home mountains.

4. Turn a virtual adventure into a real one.

5. Forage for herbs instead of stockpiling pasta.

6. Explore nature rather than working out at home.

7. Enjoy a hearty portion of “Kaiserschmarren” – in the mountains not from the deep freezer.

8. Search for couture treasures in Tirol’s stylish boutiques.

9. Pick elderflowers, blueberries and cranberries instead of hoarding toilet paper.

10. Watch a film under the starry night sky.

11. Chill with a gelato at one of Tirol’s best ice cream shops.

12. Drink fresh mountain water straight from the spring.

13. Travel from the city to the mountains in 40 minutes.

14. Enjoy a warm welcome at a hut high in the mountains.

15. Rent outdoor equipment instead of buying it.

16. Snap a summit selfie instead of zoning out at a Zoom conference.

17. Relive Tirol’s fight for freedom in all its spectacular glory.

18. Enjoy a few shots of schnapps with friends.

19. Enjoy a few shops of schnapps with different friends.

20. Enjoy a few shots of schnapps with the guy who runs the hut.

21. Enjoy a few shots of schnapps with some random people you just met.

22. Make the most of Tirol’s culture & arts scene.

23. Take a refreshing dip in one (or all) of Tirol’s 60 swimming lakes.

24. Invite yourself round to the only person you know who has a barbeque.

25. Ride one of the region’s cable cars and gaze up at the chemtrail-free sky.

26. Go with the flow. Downhill. Full speed ahead.

27. Go with the flow. On foot. As slow as you like.

28. Spend an evening with friends. Face to face. Remember that?

29. Soak in a hot bath to soothe muscles tired from a mountain hike not a walk in the park.

30. Marvel at the spectacular fires lit to mark the summer solstice.

31. Decorate your hair with flowers instead of putting on a face mask.

32. Escape your own four walls and head for a real-life ice palace.

33. Experience the feeling of alpine grass instead of Lego bricks between your toes.

34. Journey back in time to the Middle Ages.

35. Add a few wrinkles to your face through laughing rather than worrying.

36. Share homemade bread not just with Instagram followers but with real friends.

37. Make the most of unrestricted internet bandwidth using the GPS app.

38. Climb high on “Another Play in Paradise” and “Gamswurst Baronesse”.

39. Watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain.

40. Pack your rucksack – for a day in the mountains, not the approaching apocalypse.

41. Tuck into one, two or (why not?) three slices of “Malakofftorte” cake at the Arzler Alm hut above Innsbruck.

42. Marvel at the pink alpine roses which dot the alpine meadows in early summer.

43. March 26 kilometres through the Kitzbühel Alps.

44. Chat to your hosts at a mountain hut instead of thanking your delivery service through a closed door.

45. Surf the Inn river instead of the internet.

46. Enjoy the feeling of the cool spray on your whiter-than-white skin.

47. Park the kids for a day at the outdoor adventure centre (in the valley).

48. Park the kids for (another) day at the outdoor adventure centre (in the mountains).

49. Wake to the sound of bells on the meadows not drilling next door.

50. Embark on a search for hidden mountain lakes.

51. Catch the last few rays of the day rather than rounding up the kids for home schooling.

52. Go hiking with public transport.

53. Settle down on a park bench and discuss the meaning of life.

54. Eat strawberries fresh from the field rather than foraged from the freezer.

55. Enjoy breakfast in bed – but not at home.

56. Hire a gravel bike and head off the beaten track.

57. Learn how to make Tirolean dumplings – ready for the next lockdown.

58. Sit down. Watch the world go by. Repeat.

59. Team building instead of home office.

60. Real animals – not plastic dinosaurs, gummi bears or nature documentaries about amoeba.

61. Release the tension by getting worked up about the little things in life.

62. Hang around in an adventure park instead of on the couch.

63. Climb a mountain and write your name in the book at the top.

64. Escape the cabin fever with a night in a mountain hut.

65. Visit Tirol’s gorges and canyons to marvel at the power of water.

66. Meet up with neighbours in the park instead of shouting at each other across balconies.

67. Combine a hike with a meal. Or a meal with a hike. It’s up to you.

68. Try hut hopping instead of room rotation.

69. Let your eyes be dazzled by the bright tiles on Innsbruck’s Golden Roof.

70. Count sheep (and cows) at one of Tirol’s traditional cattle drives in spring and autumn.

71. Bathe in a sea of orchids.

72. Ride an alpine rollercoaster. Over and over and over again.

73. Listen to the marmots whistling in the mountains as spring arrives in Tirol.

74. Sip on a Tirolean drink such as “Latella”, “Chabesco”, “saures Radler” or “Tiroler Kola”.

75. Tuck into a traditional cold platter, known as a “Marend”, with friends.

76. Make hashtags come true: #mountainlove # bestviewever #cloudporn #grauvieh #nofilter #lovetirol

77. Summer storms in the mountains – better than any techno rave.

78. 360° mountain views instead of filthy window panes.

79. Make memories for a lifetime by helping out holidaymakers with their photos.

80. Go with the flow riding along the banks of the Inn.

81. Feel the flow doing yoga in the mountains.

82. Enjoy cheese dumplings at the Alplhütte hut in Mieming.

83. Take out any pent-up stress on a golf ball.

84. Explore the mountains in search of Tirol’s “Big Five”.

85. Pick a bouquet of wild alpine flowers.

86. Show strong fingers and strong nerves while bouldering.

87. Drink a glass of non-pasteurised milk fresh from the farm.

88. Test your head for heights on the world’s longest hanging footbridge.

89. Be sponteous and do something for the first time. Now that you can.

90. Haggle and barter for every last cent at one of the Tirol’s farmers’ markets.

91. Holiday on a mountain farm and join in the fun milking cows, feeding calves and mucking out the stables.

92. Get your legs moving with a roadbike ride.

93. Enjoy the smell of hay, straw and cow dung. No, really.

94. Find the end of the rainbow at one of Tirol’s waterfalls.

95. Use a rainy day to experience the region’s rich arts & culture scene.

96. Hug the world (metaphorically, at least for the moment).

97. Kick-start your senses with a visit to one of Tirol’s Kneipp water therapy trails.

98. Pan for “real” mountain crystals in the region’s rivers and streams.

99. Take a moment to enjoy your new-found appreciation for nature.

100. Climb a 3000-metre mountain, forget everything below – and look forward.

Pauline Krätzig

Pauline Krätzig likes nothing more than writing about people – their culture, their (hi)stories, their traditions. Tirol is home to plenty of each. And to some seriously good pine schnapps.

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Thak you very much for yours 100s.
They are realy beautiful. I'l send them to my friends in order to make some trips, as the situation's evolution will allow it.

You made me happy!


Excellent list, looking forward to coming back to run through list, but our favourite is, no 101, summer rodelbahn!


Pauline, this brought such a rush of refreshing air into my apartment. Reading it with a smile on face. Impossible not to... Thanks for the virtual trip....


So envious, so want to be back, not just in Tirol but in Austria itself, so many wonderful memories stretching back to when I first travelled to Austria as a boy scout, exactly 50 years ago this Summer! We camped just outside Fieberbrunn, beside Lauchsee - it was just a lake then, not as it is now. Simply PRIMA!!

Susan Walters

I loved this! Thankyou for sending it - it just makes me want to come back to Austria NOW!

Susan Wright

My husband John and myself spent our honeymoon in the Tyrol in 1961. We travelled by rail on the overnight sleeper. The village that we stayed in was Arzle in Pitzal, being October the Hotel was closed and we were moved to a smaller place.It was the home of a lovely family. It was a beautiful place and we had a wonderful two weeks, travelling on the train to various places, and being taken out by this lovely family.

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