Loud and Proud: Folk Music from Tirol

Wirthsaus zum Griena, "Große Stube", Mayrhofen
What do you think of when you hear the name Tirol? Men in Lederhosen? Sure. Women in Dirndln? Of course. But what about the music? We have put together a playlist featuring some of the best traditional music from Tirol including brass bands and accordions as well as less well-known instruments such as the dulcimer and the harp.

28″D’Stommtischsänger”, “Michl-Trio”, “Die Hoameligen”, “Nauderer Schupfamusi” and “Jung und Frisch” are just some of the many bands and ensembles from Tirol keeping the region’s proud folk music tradition alive. The styles and instruments are much more diverse than you might imagine, ranging from lively brass band marches to quieter and more gentle harp recitals.

Indeed, folk music from Tirol is popular well beyond Austria’s borders. Examples of internationally successful folk music bands include Die Ganggalbichler and Die Tanzlmusig from Kramsach, the latter of which has even toured Japan.

Keeping it in the family

Playing music and singing together has always played a big role in family life in Tirol. Even today, many folk groups are family-based and often bring together different generations. The Familienmusik Puchleitner, for example, features many members of the Puchleitner family playing violin, dulcimer, accordion, double bass and guitar. Our playlist also includes another group of brothers and sisters: the Familienmusik Arzberger from the Zillertal Valley, who have already performed on television as part of the popular show “Klingendes Österreich” hosted by folk music legend Sepp Forcher.

Music is life

From cosy evenings around the fire to swinging parties in mountain huts, folk music is a core part of everyday life in Tirol. And while we are all staying at home observing social distancing, here’s a chance to embark on a (virtual) journey through the world of Tirolean folk music with our playlist.

Full list of bands and artists on our playlist:


Having worked overseas for years, Klaus Brunner came back home to explore Tirol with camera and microphone in tow. Home is where your heart is.

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