Ten Virtual Museums and Guided Tours in Tirol

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To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the region, Tirol’s museums and galleries are currently closed to the public. We have therefore put together a list of ten great virtual museum experiences and guided tours for all those keen to enjoy a bit of Tirolean culture from the comfort of their own homes. Ready? Let’s go!

1 – Ruatn Pass Museum

Winter in Tirol begins with the sound of bells clanging and the sight of fearsome creatures wandering the streets. The tradition of Krampus dates back many centuries and is more popular today than ever before. One of the “Krampusvereine”, as the clubs which organise the annual processions are known, has created its own museum in Kitzbühel: the Ruatn Pass Museum. Check out the video above to admire the intricately carved wooden masks adorning the walls.

2 – Swarovski Crystal Worlds

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austria and celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2020. While the Chambers of Wonder are currently closed, there is still the chance to go inside the water-spewing giant and enjoy a virtual guided tour. Be prepared for a truly dazzling experience!

3 – Kufstein Castle

Dating back 8oo years, Kufstein Castle towers high above the town of Kufstein in the east of Tirol. The town’s location on the border with Germany means it has been the subject of territorial claims and conflicts throughout its long and turbulent history – little wonder, therefore, that this mighty fortress with walls up to seven metres thick was built all those centuries ago to keep the town and its residents safe from invading forces. Today the castle hosts events as well as being home to the largest open-air organ in the world and a local history museum. Click on the video above to see the fortress inside and out.

4 – Notburga Museum, Lake Achensee

Saint Notburga, the most revered saint in Tirol, was born in 1265 in Rattenberg. She spent her life looking after the poor, the disabled and the lame. A small museum has been set up in her honour in the village of Eben on the shores of Lake Achensee showcasing the life and importance of Saint Notburga. Take a virtual tour using the video above.

5 – Thaur Castle Ruins, mobile phone app

Located on the sunny southern slopes of the Inn Valley, the Thaur Castle Ruins date back to the 12th century. The “Chronos” local history association in Thaur spent more than a decade excavating, restoring and researching the ruins. The fruits of this paintaking labour can today be enjoyed by people around the world in the form of a mobile phone app offering a virtual tour of the ruins.

6 – Virtual guided tour, Hall in Tirol

The medieval oldtown in the centre of Hall in Tirol is known as one of the most beautiful of its kind in Tirol. The town of Hall in Tirol was a major European centre of salt mining in the early Middle Ages and accumulated great wealth, making it the number one economic power centre in Tirol. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stroll through the beautiful narrow streets lined with intricately painted houses.

7 – Innsbruck city centre

Thanks to the wonders of technology, fans of Tirol’s regional capital Innsbruck can embark not only on a virtual tour of the city but also on a journey back in time. “Innsbruck Remembers” is the motto of this project that has stitched together many historic photos to create a single tour of the city in days gone by. Locals and all those very familiar with the city are invited to help the experts from the city archive when it comes to identifying some of the buildings which still remain a mystery today.

8 – Ambras Castle

Talking of Innsbruck, did you know that Ambras Castle in the south of the city is the oldest museum in the world? It is still one of Tirol’s most important sights today and houses the collections of the Renaissance prince Archduke Ferdinand II. As well as an amazing selection of objects to be admired at first hand, the museum also has an online collection featuring a number of exhibits only available to view online.

9 – Museums of Tirol, Innsbruck

The Museums of Tirol are a collection of four separate museums located in Innsbruck. They have their own YouTube channel giving virtual visitors the opportunity to take a look inside the museums, enjoy clips from concerts and watch introductions to certain exhibitions on at the moment. Via Facebook you can listen to members of museum staff talking about their favourite pictures and giving tips on how to get creative yourself.

10 – Digital tour through Innsbruck’s creative scene

The Tirolean Centre for Architecture “aut” publishes once a week selected items from its current exhibition (closed to the public at the moment) “Resistance and Revolution: The 1970s in Tirol”. The “artdepot” has put its currentl exhibition by Ilse Abka-Prandstetter on Instagram. The Galerie Bernd Kugler has also made several exhibits from its archive available to enjoy online under the title “Intermezzo”. The Wei sraum. Designforum Tirol offers online talks and lectures on the topics of design.


Having worked overseas for years, Klaus Brunner came back home to explore Tirol with camera and microphone in tow. Home is where your heart is.

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