Doing Nothing. My Five Favourite Places to Rest, Relax, and Chill Out in Innsbruck.

“What is this life if we have no time to just sit and stare out at nothing? Everything great that ever happened in this world happened first in somebody’s imagination.” (Astrid Lindgren)Doing nothing is a foreign concept to most of us. The bottom line is that you don’t have time. But it’s the key to recovering from that productivity addiction that’s spinning you around in circles. It’s important to just take the time to zone out. Fortunately, Innsbruck has a number of pleasant spaces where I can luxuriate in a special time of doing nothing. Preferably with sunshine and a picnic blanket, just on my own or in good company. And without having to eat or drink anything.

“Strandbar Kranebitten”

A pleasant meadow on the banks of the Inn River, to the south of Kranebitter Hof. The beach bar is a lively spot to socialize and have a quick bite or drink if you wish. If you don’t, you can just lie in the grass and soak up the sun. For little ones, there’s a petting zoo and a playground.


Airport – Western Inn River Bank

This spot also sits on the banks of the Inn River. There is enough quiet space to relax and chill out. A special highlight is watching the airplanes taking-off and landing—it seems as if you can almost reach up and touch them. Especially entertaining in Foehn conditions, this typical Innsbruck wind that blows in across Inntal Valley and creates turbulence… Further west is the location of Völser Au—you could soak in a whole day on that ample riverbank with its sandy beaches, contemplating the complexities of the universe and where we all fit within it.


Baggersee Lake

If your idea of relaxation involves a body of water, Baggersee swimming lake is the place to go. There is a charge to swim in the lake until 6:00pm; afterwards it is free to visit. A great option to spend a long, warm and lazy summer night—sometimes you need to do nothing at all, and watch the golden hour slide into sunset and the water reflect the changing colours of the sky.

Hofgarten Park

No sitting on benches anymore! Fortunately, lying on the lawn was permitted two years ago—and there’s lots of area to sprawl out to picnic and play. Plus, there’s always something to see or do in the park, from observing ducks in the pond over chess players at the pavilion to improvisation theater performances—or you can do absolutely nothing at all. It’s quite easy to get lost among all the greenery and forget that you’re still at the heart of town— Hofgarten Park brings a touch of big city flair to Innsbruck.


Inn River Promenade

There’s a lot to be said for just picking a spot, posting up and letting the day unroll as it will. And for Innsbruck’s University students and many city dwellers, the Inn River Promenade is simply one of the best places to do just that. This urban recreation area by the riverside is a popular place to chill out – and an after-work favourite with a trendy vibe and fine DJ sounds on Wednesdays: If the weather is fine, the place to be is “Sonnendeck” (which translates to ‘sundeck’), the grassy lawn behind the University. Check their Facebook site for opening times and to be kept up to date: Sonnendeck.


Photo Credits: TVB Innsbruck, Julia Probst


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