Cozy Comforts And Basecamps for Adventure: 7 Only-In-Tirol Places to Stay

Holiday homes across Tirol will provide a warm respite amongst the mountains.

After a full day of play on a Tirol getaway, there’s nothing more important than to relax in accommodations that fit your style. For an escape with a homey feel and an abundance of outdoor recreation on the doorstep, check into one of these seven places to stay, all excellent basecamps for all things mountain.

Binter Appartments: Riverside Walking in Hohe Tauern National Park

Where to Stay: In one of the seven Binter Appartments operated by Obkircher family. Located on the outskirts of Virgen, only 120 meters out from the Isel River, the accommodations provide a warm respite amongst the mountains and sleep two to four people in full comfort.

Location: At the heart of Virgental Valley, East Tirol

Strongly Recommended: For families and nature lovers

Don’t Miss: Hohe Tauern National Park hosts intrepid hikers and solitude seekers. You can expect to have very few encounters on its extensive trail system. Or, walk out the door and enjoy a riverside trek that takes you to the end of Virgental Valley along Isel River. In the beginning, there are wide open verdant meadows curving down from the high peaks on either side of the valley. As the journey continues, the surrounding valley walls grow tighter, the scenery more dramatic and rougher. The trail takes you further to Umbalbach Creek, a tributary to Isel River and Umbal Waterfalls. Tumbling over cliffs and down steep-sided gorges, the spectacular waterfalls drop in a series of pretty cascades. Listen to the relentless, violent roar and feel the misty water spraying on your face. It’s a 12-kilometer walk from your holiday home to the waterfalls. On the new Isel Trail you can walk from the mouth to the source of the river.
More intrepid hikers are recommended to bag the rugged 3,371-meter summit of Hoher Eichham Peak, where the climbing section along its southern ridge (equipped with a 50-meter climbing rope) is rewarded with views of mighty Venediger Range.

Bedrom in one of the Binter-Appartments. Photo: Binter Appartments

Riverside walking at stunning Hohe Tauern National Park is a delight for families and nature lovers. Photo Credit: Nationalpark Hohe Tauern/Martin Lugger

Haus Mühlhof: Climbing for all Skill Levels in Ötztal Valley

Where to Stay: At Haus Mühlhof, a qualified climber’s accommodation run by Schmid-Ambrosi family near Oetz. Newly erected in 2015, the lovely holiday homes sleep two to six people just minutes from superb rock climbing terrains for all skills and abilities. Wake up to the smell of fresh bread delivered by the local bakery and then settle in for an energizing breakfast to gather strength for a beautiful day of climbing single or multi-pitch routes.

Location: In Habichen, a few hundred meters south of the village of Oetz

Strongly Recommended: For ambitious climbers and families who love to climb

Don’t Miss: If you’re hoping to strap on your gear, walk out the door and commence climbing in ten minutes or less, look no further than Haus Mühlhof: Just across Ötztaler Ache River head towards Sautens to find “Klettergarten Ritzlerhof” climbing terrain (located just behind the hotel of the same name). Designed to meet the special needs of beginners, there are four easy routes in grades 4 to 5, where climbers can reach for the top. Another great place to climb is within a ten minutes’ walk across the river, the Oetz climbing terrain. Varying in level of difficulty from 3 to 9, there are 46 bolted routes ranging up to 35 meters in length. There are sections to suit all abilities, from novices to advanced climbers.
Looking for higher grounds? Climb along “Sunset Boulevard” at Geierwand climbing terrain, topping out at the 2,096-meter summit of Simmering. It’s not hard for climbers to find a little slice of climbing paradise here. If you decide to continue along the Alhambra Route, you will have mastered 550 vertical meters in the end—and undoubtedly one of the most scenic multi-pitch climbing routes in grade six. To do so, you need to bring a 60-meter double rope and at least twelve quickdraw express slings. Moreover, Ötztal Valley is home to a variety of safe climbing destination for families and first-timers, such as Engelswand in Tumpen for example.

The Mühlhof in Oetz. Photo: Haus Mühlhof

It’s not hard for climbers of all skill levels to find a little slice of climbing paradise in Ötztal Valley. Photo Credit: Ötztal Tourismus/Heiko Wilhelm

Appartement Bergblick: Trail Riding across the Kitzbühel Alps

Where to Stay: Operated by Leitner family, Appartement Bergblick in Kirchbichl is a great hub for mountain biking in this area. As a qualified bike accommodation, the property features indoor bike storage and a complimentary bike wash station on-site. According to owner Johanna Moritz-Leitner, the best time to ride your bike here is in late summer or fall when autumn color transforms the stunning scenery: “Visit us in September or October to experience the deciduous forest in these different hues of red, yellow, and orange.”

Location: In the village of Kirchbichl in Inntal Valley

Strongly Recommended: For mountain bikers, gravel bikers and e-bikers

Don’t Miss: Want to experience the best of what the Kitzbühel Alps have to offer to mountain bikers (and e-bikers, of course)? Ride three or four segments of the amazing Kitzbühel Alps Trail (abbreviated to KAT). The first segment actually departs from Mariastein and ends in Hopfgarten – however, you can easily access the route from Kirchbichl and ride four segments toward east to Fieberbrunn. The multi-day KAT Route can be done end-to-end or in day trips: It is broken up into four segments of varied difficulty and length, making it easily accessible for day riders. Gauge your level of fitness and ambition for the day and choose how far you’d like to go. On segment three you are strongly recommend to take a stop at scenic Schwarzsee Lake near Oberndorf. What’s more, multi-day tours with complimentary transportation services are offered as well.

Appartment Bergblick in Kirchbichl. Photo: Haus Bergblick

The Kitzbühel Alps are best explored by bike—be it mountain bike, gravel bike or e-bike. Photo Credit: Kitzbüheler Alpen/GHOST-Bikes GmbH

Wanderpension Garni Rief: Gentle Walks in Tannheimer Tal Valley

Where to Stay: Pure nature-lovers can hit the trails and learn about local plant life in the environs of Wanderpension Garni Rief. Owner Elmar Rief is a certified mountain, nature and culture guide and knows every corner of scenic Tannheimer Tal Valley. He also offers special flower walks. The five condos vary in size and the property also offers double and single rooms.

Location: In the village center of Tannheim

Strongly Recommended: For pure nature lovers and avid walkers

Don’t Miss: Tannheim promises hikers the opportunity to walk through meadows brimming with wildflowers and immerse themselves in nature. Stop and smell the flowers, such as the yellow lady’s slipper orchid – the largest and most splendid wild orchid species in Europe. Route suggestion: Taking you from the village center to Einstein Mountain and towards Zöblen, the Tannheim Loop Trail will have you hopping with joy with its nonstop views of jagged ridges and summits. Best of all, this 12-kilometer long trail is achieved with minimal effort as it climbs no more than 400 vertical meters. And with the trail’s gentle ups and down, most hikers young and old, will have no problem making the journey.

The Wanderpension Garni Rief in Tannheim. Photo: Wanderpension Garni Rief

An easy trek to gorgeous Villsalpsee Lake: Tannheimer Tal Valley is a haven for pure nature lovers and gentle walkers. Photo Credit: TVB Tannheimer Tal

Gästehaus Gratlspitz: Experience Alpachtal Valley with a Road-Biking Adventure

Where to Stay: Cyclists rejoice — Gästehaus Gratlspitz in Alpbach is furnished with a free bike washing station and an indoor storage facility designed to protect your precious cargo. What’s more, each unit features a full kitchen where cyclists can prepare pasta dishes to load up on carbs. This charming holiday home is the perfect place to rest after a day of amazing road cycling adventure.

Location: In the center of Alpbach

Strongly Recommended: For road cycling fanatics in tune with nature

Don’t Miss: There are many fun, easy rides starting out on your doorstep (in most cases you have to earn your downhill bursts with a final climb back to your basecamp, Gästehaus Gratlspitz). Or, for a grand ride, take in the rugged solitude as you travel along a loop between Kitzbühel Alps and Rofan Mountain Range. The challenging, 117-kilometer long circuit is almost traffic-free and invites low gears and patient climbing, 2,500 vertical meters of climbing to be precise, with lots of breaks for photo ops. Catch your breath at scenic overlooks and don’t miss the stunning loops into Zillertal Valley, to Wörgl and Brandenberg and to the Reintaler Seen Lakes.

The Gratlspitz guesthouse in Alpbach. Photo: Gästehaus Gratlspitz

Alpbachtal Valley is a road-biker’s dream destination: The 117-kilometer long loop between Kitzbühel Alps and Rofan Mountain Range involves a nasty 2,500 vertical meters of climbing.

Ferienhaus Alpenkönig: Gold Panning in Nauders

Where to Stay: At Ferienhaus Alpenkönig in Nauders – there’s a climbing wall on the property’s facade for those wanting to burn up some extra energy at the end of the day.

Location: On the southern outskirts of Nauders

Strongly Recommended: For families with kids

Don’t Miss: Did you know you can prospect for gold in Nauders? From your holiday home, take a short walk to the base of Bergkastelseilbahn Gondola, which conveniently whisks you up to an elevation of 2,200 meters. Up there you can pan for gold, traverse the trails and spend quality time with one another. What’s more, this place is perfect for a kid-friendly mountain biking trip: Known for hundreds of miles of world-class trails and considered by many as the best biking spot in the area, Nauders offers thrilling dusty-trail and slick-rock rides for beginners to pros. From your doorstep, you can easily bike on 11 of the area’s famous trails, ranging from a relaxed 2-Lakes’ Loop for smaller children to adrenaline-spiking: The challenging Bergkastel Trail comes with an elevation gain of more than 1,000 meters.

The Garden of Alpenkönig appartments in Nauders. Photo: Haus Alpenkönig

The challenging Bergkastel Trail in Nauders is an adrenaline-fueled experience. Photo Credit: Tourismusverband Tiroler Oberland / Nauders Tourismus

Appartement Romy: Paddling through the Amazing Scenery of Lechtal Valley

Where to Stay: Appartement Romy is a farmhouse that sits in the remote village of Bach, right next to Alperschonbach Creek and only 300 meters out from its confluence into Lech River – a popular kayaking and rafting river.
Location: In Bach, at the heart of Lechtal Valley

Strongly Recommended: For kayakers and boaters, rafting novices and whitewater lovers

Don’t Miss: One of the last free-flowing rivers remaining in Europe, the Lech River muscles its way through the unique and picturesque scenery of Lechtal Valley. It runs a gauntlet of canyons and ravines that provide exquisite sightseeing intermingled within rapids and calms. Flowing through beautiful geologic landscapes, the diverse river has various stretches that serve up adventures for both the daring and more timid. Professionally guided kayak or rafting excursions satisfy those looking for a Class II day or families seeking a quick splash of scenic whitewater. Typical access points are Häselgehr or Elbigenalp. Moreover, the river’s gorge stretches are popular for canyoning trips.

Appartment Romy in the Lechtal Valley. Photo: Appartment Romy

Cutting through Lechtal Valley, the Lech River is one of Tirol’s most popular rafting rivers , with various stretches that serve up adventures for both the daring and more timid. Photo Credit: Robert Eder


Alexander Zimmermann loves spending time in the mountains – sometimes hiking, sometimes climbing. In winter he can be found out and about on alpine skis and cross-country skis. He works as a journalist and strategist based in Munich, Tirol, Hamburg and Heidelberg.

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