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Rise & Shine: 5 Great Early Morning Activities in Tirol

Sorry, night owls: When it comes to eye-opening activities, Tirol is really a morning person’s world. There are many beautiful places that have a magical quality early in the morning that you just can’t experience any other time of the day. Here are five recommended experiences for larks who are happy to wake up early…

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Oesterreich Austria, Tirol Tyrol, Zillertal, alpine chalet, cottage, Olperer Huette 07/2016
by Irene in Architecture

Mountain Huts Close Up: Olperer Hut in Zillertal Valley

Women in the mountain hut field have for a long time been rare. When Katharina Daum, a single mom to a seven-year-old boy, started running her first mountain hut, neighbouring farmers were taking bets on how long she would make it. Little did they know that she would outlast most of them: A quarter of…

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by Irene in Architecture

Mountain Huts Close Up: Erlanger Hut in Ötztal Valley

But, as ancient Greek poet Hesiod put it, “between us and virtue the immortals have put what will make us sweat.” And sweat you will – as the steep five-hour climb from Umhausen or Tumpen will cost you lots of sweat and toil. But it’s so worth it. In 2008, Christian Rimml swapped his…

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Selection of our most interesting stories about huts, traditional recipes and the people who make Tirol what it is.

by Klaus in Sports

Five Epic Long-Distance Trails for Tireless Hikers

Long-distance hikes are tough and testing, but the rewards are undeniable. There’s the feeling of absolute adventure out among Alpine nature, the chance to escape workaday stresses and the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing one: These five “Great Walks” are remarkably easy on the eye, though not on the body, with rugged and…

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by Christian in Food & Drink

Inn River Cycle Path Stories

Are cyclists athletes? Can bicycles reconnect people to nature? Somehow, I’d say that both is true. Riding a bicycle along the Inn River Cycle Path, one is exposed and alert to the scenic surroundings. With eyes and ears on the ground, cyclists feel a greater sense of place and a stronger connection to the countryside—and…

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by Irene in Architecture

Mountain Huts Close Up: Neue Prager Hut on Foot of Großvenediger

Ever an inveterate mountaineer, Wilfried Studer, hut keeper of Neue Prager Hut on foot of Großvenediger, is a true “mountain family-man.” His wife and daughters share his mountaineering adventures on a global scale – in the great ranges of the world. The family philosophy is: “Everything we earn in the mountains, we spend in the…

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by Mathea in Sports

Fit for hiking

Hiking is a sport open to everyone, but after a long walk in the mountains you may well find yourself with tired legs. That’s why good cardiovascular fitness as well as strong muscles are important. These also help keep you safe when negotiating rough terrain and make walking and hiking a more relaxing and pleasant…

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