With passion for the detail—and with a twinkle in her eye, Christina Schwemberger takes you on a journey to meet amazing people, visit interesting places, and experience all that Tirol has to offer.

by Christina in Recommendations

Top-Notch Bars in Innsbruck – My Favourite Pubs

If you’re making a day trip or weekend getaway to Tirol’s capital, you’ll want to be sure to sample the Innsbruck nightlife as well. Whether you’re up for a night out with friends and live music or a solo trip for a cocktail and some reading — you’re bound to find a place that suits…

19 min. Reading time
by Christina in Arts & Culture

DIY: Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are more than spring’s most iconic food. For Christians, Easter Eggs are a symbol of new life, a colorful reminder of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the beginning of a new time. Inside each egg there is a new life growing.

4 min. Reading time
by Christina in Companies

TirolWool: A Story of Success

Tirol sheep wool is high in demand right now. Read on to find out why and what the Tirol Mountain Rescue has got to do with it… and the reason why I desperately need a new winter jacket.

4 min. Reading time
by Christina in Bits & Pieces

15 Signs that Signal Pine for Tirol

No matter if you were born and raised in Tirol and moved away or if you have visited this mountainous country just recently—it can hit you very hard and all at once… Suddenly it makes you yearn for that beautiful place you didn’t miss until you left—and you know your heart will always stay tied…

2 min. Reading time
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