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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

Bon Appétit! Mahlzeit!

Text: Benedikt Roth, Styling: Sven Christ “Eating soup gives you round knees” is a somewhat curious local saying here in Tirol. Its origin can be traced back to the fact that until a few decades ago soups were the main staple food in this region. Unlike today, soup wasn’t just a starter but a meal…

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by Guest Author in Feel Good

My Face Cream, My Body Oil, My Bath Salts

Autumn is a time to relax, to enjoy, to slow down. And it is the perfect time of year to learn about Tirol’s wild herbs – not for cooking but for making natural cosmetics. I met up with a local expert to discover what the region’s woods, pastures and meadows have to offer my skin.

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by Guest Author in Food & Drink

Climate-Neutral Deer Ragout

Christian Moigg and his son Lukas are passionate about two things: hunting and cooking. They run the Herrnhaus, a fine-dining restaurant in Brixlegg located just a stone’s throw from the forest where they shoot the game which ends up on diners’ plates. I sat down with the father-and-son duo to talk about the entire process…

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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

Tour de Tirol – Cycling through Tirol on your Gravel Bike

Gravel paths, forest roads, long bike paths along the river – up until now you needed various different bikes in order to explore Tirol. But now we have gravel bikes for all these different routes. These bikes with their wide tyres and the light road bike frame promise lots of fun on the road as…

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by Guest Author in Nature

Tirol’s “Big Five”

Here in Tirol, wild animals can be found everywhere: in the supermarket, at the ski lifts, on the walls of mountain huts and, of course, filling the shelves of souvenir shops. Admittedly, these are reproductions of Tirol’s “Big Five” – golden eagle, marmot, chamois, bearded vulture and ibex – and not the real thing, but they…

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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

Game for a Game?

Tiroleans are renowned for being a little reserved when you first get to know them, so there is no better way to break the ice than with a game of “Perlaggen”, “Doz’nhacken” or “Tschongelen”. Here are nine traditional games from the region ideal for long nights in mountain huts.

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by Guest Author in Sports

Ice, Ice Baby!

Tirol is famous for skiing and cross-country skiing in winter. However, there are also other adventures for you to embark on in the snowy mountains: ice climbing for example. Today, our author will tell you more about his first ice climbing experience.

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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

Which Ski is Right for Me?

These days you are likely to find more different types of skis on offer in your local sports shop than the toppings available at your favourite pizzeria. So when it comes to winter sports, like good pizza, is it all just a question of taste? Not quite. Only if you know what you want and…

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