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Veröffentlichung von „Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht!“ aus dem Jahr 1832
by Rosanna in Arts & Culture

From Hawaiian to Icelandic: “Silent Night” Around the World

It was on Christmas Eve 1818, when a song that touched the world’s heart rang out for the first time in Oberndorf near Salzburg: “Silent Night! Holy Night!”. This was the humble beginning of what was to become the world’s most famous Christmas song. Translated into over 350 languages and dialects, the carol is sung…

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by Rosanna in Feel Good

Feeling the Forest

Is it a walk in the woods – or a therapy session? In Tirol visitors can try forest bathing with a trained guide. The idea? Reducing stress.

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by Rosanna in Recommendations

Food Tastes Better at Altitude: Arlberg On-Mountain Dining

Admittedly, I am one of those who start counting down the days to ski season in the summer. Not just for the skiing itself, which is quite wonderful, but also to enjoy the full skiing experience, start to finish. In my eyes, skiing is the perfect excuse to have a nice big lunch on the…

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by Rosanna in Companies

Hip Wood: Three Manufacturing Companies Working with Stone Pine Wood

The positive characteristics of the wood known as “Zirbe”, Austrian stone pine, Arolla pine or just stone pine, have been valued and used in Tirol for centuries. Three Tirol-based companies enable the traditionally rustic high Alpine timber to make the move into today’s modern interiors—in the form of translucent lampshades, wooden ventilation systems and award-winning…

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by Rosanna in Recommendations

A Town Steeped in History: A Day in Schwaz

What is today a sleepy little town with pastel-washed houses and winding streets was once, believe it or not, the place where the richest and most powerful people of Europe lived, where an elephant took a rest, where famous physician and alchemist Paracelsus pursued his research and where a church stood the test of time.…

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by Rosanna in Recommendations

A Town Steeped in History: A Day in Hall in Tirol

A few minutes by road east of Tirol’s capital Innsbruck is what many assert to be the most beautiful town in Tirol—ancient Hall, origin of the Dollar and where kestrels fly in and out of Hasegg Castle. And with a wonderfully preserved historic center actually larger than that of Innsbruck.

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by Rosanna in Food & Drink

Pitztal Glacier: High Altitude Baking

Is it true that weather and altitude have an impact on baking? And how many pieces of cake are enjoyed a day at Austria’s highest lying coffee bar and pastry shop? Norbert Santeler, Pastry Chef at the Pitztal Glacier Ski Resort, knows all the answers.

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