Wolfgang Westermeier

Wolfgang Westermeier

by Wolfgang Westermeier in Feel Good

5 Ways to Find Your Inner Balance

In turbulent times such as these it is easy to lose sight of what is truly important in life – for example, looking after yourself. We have picked five spots in Tirol where you can get away from it all and embark on a journey to inner harmony. After all, your deserve it.

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

5 Natural Winter Wonders in Tirol

Winter transforms Tirol’s landscape. Craggy mountains are wrapped in a thick layer of snow. Temperatures plunge in the region’s ravines and canyons. Mighty waterfalls turn into skyscrapers of ice. Here are five natural wonders which take on a totally different atmosphere in the winter months.

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Recommendations

Happiness is nothing but hot air

A hot-air balloon ride in the middle of winter – at first that might sound kind of cold and uncomfortable. However, this adventure is particularly spectacular at exactly this time of the year (and a lot warmer than our author had anticipated).

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

In Other Spheres

When you are standing in a valley, you look up into the sky. When you are on the top of a mountain, you gaze into the distance. When you are floating high up in the sky in a hot-air balloon, your view of the world will change once again: During a journey over wintery Tirol,…

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

Getting Your Hands Dirty: Farmyard Holidays

The closest most of us come to life on the farm is buying a bunch of carrots from the friendly lady at the market on Saturday morning. However, here in Tirol there are a number of working farms which invite visitors to muck in, get their hands dirty and learn what life is really like…

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

The Fantastic Big Five and Where to Find Them

Ibex, chamois, vulture, eagle and marmot – those are the five animals every visitor to Tirol would like to catch a glimpse of.  We have talked to the rangers in the region’s nature parks to discover the best walks and hikes with a good chance of seeing these wonderful creatures.

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

Tirol’s “Big Five”

Here in Tirol, wild animals can be found everywhere: in the supermarket, at the ski lifts, on the walls of mountain huts and, of course, filling the shelves of souvenir shops. Admittedly, these are reproductions of Tirol’s “Big Five” – golden eagle, marmot, chamois, bearded vulture and ibex – and not the real thing, but they…

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