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Bits & Pieces

by Ines in Bits & Pieces

Make Your Own Advent Wreath: Step-By-Step Instructions

Making your own Advent wreath in the run-up to Christmas is a dearly held tradition in many Tirolean families – including mine. Every year my grandfather would go into the forest to collect branches from the bushy green fir trees and then weave them together into a wreath which would take pride of place at home.…

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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

Bon Appétit! Mahlzeit!

Text: Benedikt Roth, Styling: Sven Christ “Eating soup gives you round knees” is a somewhat curious local saying here in Tirol. Its origin can be traced back to the fact that until a few decades ago soups were the main staple food in this region. Unlike today, soup wasn’t just a starter but a meal…

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by Irene in Bits & Pieces

Valley Life: Obernberg

This summer, I wrote about the various Tirolean valleys and told stories of so much life in so little space in the series “Valley Life“. I want to introduce visitors from all over the world to Tirol and open local people’s eyes to the very special aspects of their otherwise familiar environment. This time: The…

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by Benjamin in Bits & Pieces

Tirol Mountain Hut Ethics for Dummies

Tirol’s huts offer all the necessities; however, we want to point out that a mountain cabin is not a hotel— instead, these are places that encourage hikers to slow down, to interact and to leave no trace.

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by Fiona Park in Bits & Pieces

4 Bike Tours To Get Away From It All

Sometimes in life, you just want to escape. You want to get away from your everyday worries and experience everything at a slower pace. When I get this feeling, I know it’s time for a bike tour. Not the kind of bike tour involving gnarly downhill trails and adrenaline. The kind of bike tour that…

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by Raúl Revuelta in Bits & Pieces

Reconnecting with Nature by Walking in the Mountains

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”, John Muir. Travel and holidays this summer will be radically different from what we have done in the last years. Most travelers will likely choose to stay closer to home and…

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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

Tour de Tirol – Cycling through Tirol on your Gravel Bike

Gravel paths, forest roads, long bike paths along the river – up until now you needed various different bikes in order to explore Tirol. But now we have gravel bikes for all these different routes. These bikes with their wide tyres and the light road bike frame promise lots of fun on the road as…

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by Alexander in Bits & Pieces

Unexpected changes

Last winter, Tobias Spechter and Lukas Aichhorn made their dream come true: They became the new tenants of Lizumer Mountain Lodge (Lizumer Hütte) in the Tux Alps. Then the winter arrived, and after the winter things did not really go as expected. In this story, you will find out more about their plans, mountain lodge…

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by Pauline Krätzig in Bits & Pieces

100 Things We Can’t Wait To Do Again

Is there really a life beyond video conferencing, Netflix binges and evenings in cooking the same old dish for the 112th time? We certainly hope so! Right now nobody quite knows if and when we will be able to enjoy all our favourite things again this summer, but there’s certainly plenty of items pencilled in…

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